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MFP8000 User Manual
8. Measurement Background
8.1. Frequency Measurement Function
MFP-8000 implements a direct counting method 
for frequency measurements in all modes. It is 
possible to change the count time to obtain the 
required accuracy level for determining the input 
signal frequen-cy. Count time can be set within 
a range from ms up to 000 ms. The relative 
uncertainty of a frequen-cy value averaged over the 
count time does not exceed the value determined 
by the following formula:
- frequency stability of the reference
- measured frequency value, kHz;
- count time, ms;
- input prescaler division ratio.

Division ratio of the input prescaler is equal to:
N =
for the frequency range
(0.÷00) MHz; 
N =4
for the frequency range
(00÷600) MHz;
N =8
for the frequency range
(600÷00) MHz; 
for the frequency range
(00÷500) MHz;
N=3 for the frequency range (.5÷4,8) GHz;
for frequency range (4.8÷8) GHz.
MFP-8000 utilizes a ± .5ppm TCXO to achieve 
highly accurate frequency measurements.
8.2. Electromagnetic Field Indicator Function
MFР-8000 with an antenna can also be used as 
a high-sensitive indicator of electromagnetic field. 
It will identify radio emission sources with a signal 
power at the device input exceeding -53dBm 
within a frequency range from 00 kHz up to 8 GHz.
For that purpose MFР – 8000 has a corresponding 

selec-tion of different modes (see cl. 6.…6.5).
In a free environment the device will reliably detect 
any RF sources with an output power of +7dBm 
from the distance of up to 0 meters. 
MFP-8000 has a dedicated detector, amplifier 
and an acoustic generator to implement the 
acoustic feed-back mode for radio microphones 
identification and location. The acoustic generator 
is switched on for the time while the «AUD» button 
is kept pressed ( in Fig. ).
MFР–8000 also has a dedicated «close field» 
monitoring mode (see cl. 6.3.). In this mode the 
device gives an alarm signal if a radio source with 
a level exceeding a specified threshold value has 
been identi-fied. The operator can set the threshold 
value within a range from +3 up to +4dB relative 
to the back-ground level.
Besides, MFP-8000 can store to its internal 
memory an entire measurements protocol with up 
to 000 values for future analysis.
MFР - 8000 can automatically tune scanning 
receivers (e.g. AOR 8000 type) or spectrum 
analyzers to the measured frequency via a built-in 
interface. Moreover, the RS-3 interface enables 
MFР - 8000 control from an external PC as well as 
data transfer to an external PC for processing.

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