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MFP8000 User Manual
7. Charging the battery
The charge indicator placed in the right top corner 
of the display shows the charge level of the built-
in battery (see Fig. ). The battery charge level 
is approximately proportional to number of black 
To charge the battery when the device is on, 
connect a charger included with the instrument to 
the «CHG» socket (0 in Fig. ), then to the mains.
While the battery is being charged, the number of 
black sectors will increase. When charging is over 
all sectors are black, the device goes on operating. 
The bat-tery charging time in this case is about 
seven hours.
If the device is off when a charger is connected to 
it, it will automatically switch over to the «QUICK 
CHARGE» mode (a corresponding inscription 
appears on the display). Charging time of a 
discharged battery is about 3 hours in this mode. 
When the battery charging is over, the device turns 
off automati-cally.
Indicator of battery 
Fig. 11

Attention! If the battery is discharged greatly, then 
a display does not switch on immediately. First 
«CHK» red LED lights, then the device switches 
over to «QUICK CHARGE» mode after some 
time (after the battery voltage achieves a certain 
value), and charging process goes on as described 
Please note that the lifetime of a built-in battery is 
limited: in 2 years from the date of the device manu-
facture it stops to provide its nominal capacity, and 
in 5 years it is subject to obligatory replacement 
re-gardless of its working state.
The battery capacity value can be implicitly 
estimated by the charging time of a fully 
discharged battery. Decrease of charging time of 
a fully discharged battery by two times compared 
to the initial condition is a signal for a battery 
Replacement of the battery is made by the 
manufacturer (ELVIRA Production Company Ltd.).


tải về 88.6 Kb.

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