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VI.Read the passage carefully, and then answer the question below

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VI.Read the passage carefully, and then answer the question below.
In the 1970s, skateboarding suddenly became very popular. At first, skateboarders moved slowlyon flat, smooth areas. Then they began to ride quickly. This is called ‘freestyle’ skateboarding. Soon they were skateboarding skillfully up ramps and doing tricks in the air. This is called ‘ramp’ skateboarding. Then they started skateboarding and doing tricks on the street. This was ‘street-style’ skateboarding – a combination of freestyle and ramp. For this, the skateboarders needed protective clothing such as knee and elbow pads and helmets. This allowed them to skateboard safety.
Today skateboarding is still a very popular sport, and there are lots of competitions.
Note: skateboarding (n) = môntrượtván.
1. When did skateboarding become very popular?
2.What are the three styles of skateboarding?
3.What was ‘street-style’ skateboarding?
4.Why do ‘street-style’ skateboarders need protective clothing?
5.Do you think skateboarding is a very popular sport now? Why or why not?
VII.Read the passage about British and American teenagers, and answer the questions.
Sport: In the UK, football, rugby, tennis and basketball are the most popular sports for teenagers. In the USA, American football, athletics, basketball and baseball are popular.
The Internet and television:Teenagers in both the UK and the USA today watch television less than before but they use the Internet more. They spend over 25 hours a week online.
Pocket money and shopping: The average teenager in the UK gets about £7 a week pocket money. In the USA it is about $10. They spend their money on clothes and going out, but magazines, presents and snacks are also important.
Friends: The average British and American teenager has seven close friends. He or she has sixteen online friends on social network websites.
1.Which sports do British and American teenagers play in their free time?
2.How long do they spend online?
3.How much pocket money do they get?
4.What do they spend it on?
5.How many online friends do they have?

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