Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 8

II. Leisure activities. Do the following tasks

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II. Leisure activities. Do the following tasks.
Task 1: Fill in each blank with the verbs below.

1.read:a newspaper,
2.go: swimming
3. :football,
4. : a letter,
5. : the radio,
6. television,
7.go to:school,
9. : nothing,
10. : a meal,
Task 2: Add theses words/ phrases from the table to Part A. (There may be more than one possibility.)

III. Complete the sentences with the verb + -ing.

1. Susan loves judo.
2. They enjoy the Olympics on TV.
3. We really like in the Alps in February.
4. Sam hates boxing but he loves football.
5. I don’t like in the pool at the sports centre.
6. Do you like running in the morning?
IV. Complete the conversations with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Mai: I (1. Not like/ watch) football. I (2. hate/ stand) around and (3. get) cold.
Lan: Me, too. I (4. Prefer/ be) indoors. I (5. not mind/ play) football – on my computer!
Nick: Ha ha! I know your brother’s really good at football, Mai. (6. he/ like/ play) at the back?
Mai: Tuan? No, he (7. prefer/ play) centre forward. He (8. like/ score) goals!
Lan: Great pass, Tuan!
Mai: Lan, do you like football?
Nick: No, but she (9. not mind/ watch) Tuan!
V. Read the passage about Phong’s weekend and answer the questions.
On Friday’s afternoon, after school, I usually surf the Net or listen to music. In the evening I often go to the cinema with my friends.
On Saturday morning I get up late and have breakfast. Then I play football with my classmates in the park. In the afternoon I watch TV (usually a football match). In the evening I go to my best friend’s place – we sometimes play computer games, or we talk.
On Sunday morning I do my homework. Then I listen to music or watch TV. On Sunday evening I surf the Net again, or read a book.
1. Where does Phong often go on Friday evening?
2.When does he play football?
3.What does he watch on Saturday afternoon?
4.What does he do on Sunday morning?
5.When does he surf the Net?

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