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-Khi muốn dùng một động từ chỉ một hàng động khác ở sau động từ chỉ sự thích, ta phải sử dụng danh động từ (V_ing) hoặc động từ nguyên thể co “to” (toV)
1.Verbs + V-ing/ to V
Những động từ đi với cả danh động từ và động từ nguyên thể có “to” mà không đổi về nghĩa


Verbs + V-ing

Verbs +to V


I like skateboarding in my free time

I like to skateboard in my free time


She loves training her dog

She loves to train her dog


He hates eating out

He hates to eat out


My mother prefers going jogging

My mother prefers to go jogging

2. Verbs + V-ing
Những động từ chỉ đi với danh động từ


Verbs + V-ing


They adore eating ice-cream


Do you fancy making crafts?

Don’t mind

I don’t mind cooking


Does he dislike swimming?


I detest doing housework

Bài 1: Hoàn thành những câu sau, sử dụng dạng nguyên thể có (to)(toV) của động từ trong ngoặc:
1.Everyone likes (eat)_________ice cream.
2.Do you prefer (read)books in your freetime?
3.I hate(watch)________horror movies?
4.Many people prefer(go)______travelling on holidays.
5.My father loves(play)__________golf with his friends.
6.I prefer (not stay)__________up too late.
7. What does your sister love(do)_________in her spare time?
8.I used to prefer(hang out)_________with my friends at weekend.
9. I think not many people like(listen)________to her music.
10. Teenagers love (surf)_________the web to while away their freetime.
Bài 2: Hoàn thành những câu sau, sử dụng dạng danh động từ (V-ing) của động từ trong ngoặc:
1.My mother dislikes(prepare)_______the meals.
2.Do you enjoy(do)________DIY in your freetime?
3. I detest (have) __________a conversation with John.
4.Do you think Jane prefers(not socialise)___________with other students?
5.I don’t mind(explain)_______the problem again.
6.Ann fancies(listen)___________to songs of her favourite singer.
7.My friend adores(spend)_______time with her cats.
8.I always love(try)________new things when I go travelling.
9.Mr.Smith hates(drive)_________his old car.
10.Anne prefers(not go)_________out too late.
Bài 3:Điền dạng thích hợp của động từ trong ngoặc để hoàn thành các câu sau:
1.Did you enjoy(watch)______the comedy last night?
2.Many people prefer(do)______gardening after their retirement.
3.My cat dislikes(sleep)________on the floor.
4.My father doesn’t mind(work)______hard.
5.My cousin doesn’t like(study)_________Math and Chemistry.
6.They dislike(talk)__________with each other.
7.Jim and Jane don’t fancy(go)__________out tomorrow.
8.Did you hate(eat)______vegetables when you was small?
9.she didn’t prefer(tell)________him about her plan.
10.James enjoys(have)_______dinner in a luxury restaurant.
11.I hope my mother will enjoy(spend)_______time with her grandchildren.
12.Some people enjoy(take)______a shower in the morning.
13.I think your brother won’t mind(lend)________you a helping hand.
14.My boyfriend dislike(wait)____________.
15.What do you detest(do)__________the most?
Bài 4: Dựa vào các từ cho sẵn, viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh:
1.Peter/ prefer/ play/ computer games/ in his free time.
2.You/ hate/ do/ the washing? __________________________________________________________________________________
3.My father/ enjoy/ play/ sports/ and/ read/ books. __________________________________________________________________________________
4.The teacher/ not mind/ help/ you/ with difficult exercises.
5.Jane/ not fancy/ read/ science books. __________________________________________________________________________________
6.Which kind of juice/ you/ dislike/ drink/ the most? __________________________________________________________________________________
7. Ann/ fancy/ do /DIY/ in her free time.
8. My father/ prefer/ not eat/ out.
9.Mr.Smith/ love/ go/ shopping/ at weekend.
10.Everyone/ adore/ receive/ presents/ on their birthday.
Bài 5: Đánh dấu(V) trước câu đúng, đánh dấu(X) trước câu sai và sửa lại cho đúng:
1.My sister doesn’t mind to look after my cat.
2.Jim dislikes going to the library because he likes reading books.
3.I prefer to not go out today.
4.I used to like watching cartoons on TV.
5.Does Mrs.Smith enjoy to cook?
6.Mary hates doing the housework and take after her baby sister.
7. In my freetime, I love to do DIY with my sister.
8.Josh detests to socialise with his co-workers.
9.Which movie does he fancy to watch?
10.I prefer hanging out with friends to playing computer games.
Bài 6: Điền dạng đúng của các động từ chcho sẵn vào chỗ trống sao cho hợp lý:








Hang out

1.My brother likes__________the Internet looking for new music.
2.I dislike_________too much on other people. I want to be independent.
3.Josh enjoys__________with his classmates after school.
4.My sister and I fancy_______novels when we have free time.
5.He’s very artitic. He enjoys________poems in his free time.
6.James_________talking with his neighbors because he finds them annoying.
7.My uncles loves__________with other people . he has many friends.
8.Ann__________working with children. She’s a teacher.
Bài 7: Khoanh tròn vào đáp án đúng:
Nowadays, leisure activities are totally different from the past. Many people no longer enjoy(1)
------ in outdoor activities after school. In stead, they(2)__________playing computer games or (3) ________the web in their free time. Some people (4)_______too much on computer and the Internet. For example, they prefer(5)______ messages to having a face-to-face conversation with friends. Even when people (6)________out with their friends, they rarely talk but they use their phones to surf web. However, many people dislike the Internet and the(7)________world. They hate to waste time on the computer and(8)______other activities such as reading, shopping or sporting.
1.A.participate B.to participate C. participating D. participates
2.A.fancy B.don’t mind C.dislike D.hate
3.A.sailing B. surfing C.swimming D.diving
4.A.play B.rely C.addict D.use
5.A.send B.to send C.to sending D. sends
6.A.play B.rely C.meet D.hang
7.A.virtual B.real C.fake D.new
8.A.dislike B.detest C.enjoy D.mind
Bài 8: Đọc doạn văn sau và điền (T-true)trước câu đúng với nội dung bài đọc , điền (F-false) trước câu không đúng với nội dung bài đọc:
The weekends area a time for many leisure activities in Britain. British people often have to work five days a week from Monday to Friday is the precious time for family and friends. People enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities in Britain. According to the EU’s statistical office, British people spend abot 45% of their free time watching television, 24% of their free time socialising , 22-23% on sport and hobbies, and 10% on other activities. Other popular leisure activities are listening to the radio, listening to pre-recorded music, reading, DIY, garedning, eating out and going to the cinema.
The most common leisure activity in the UK is watching television. The average viewing time is 25 hours per person per week. Almost all households have at least one television set. The second most popular activity in Britain is visiting or entertaining friends or relations. Another popular leisure activity is gardening. The British are known as a nation of gardeners. Most people have a garden on their property. Every town in Britain has one or more DIY centers and garden centres. These are like supermarkets for the home and garden. These places are very popular with British home-owners at the weekends.
_______1.People enjoy various indoor activities Britain.
_______2.British people spend more than half of their free time watching television.
_______3.The most common leisure activity in the UK is visiting or entertaining friends or relations.
_______4. All house holds have at least one television set.
_______5.British people are all gardeners.
_______6. All towns in Britain have one or more DIY centers and garden centres.

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