Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 8

III. Complete the correct answer a, b, c or d

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III. Complete the correct answer a, b, c or d.
1. How much time do you spend _______ TV every day?
a. watch b. to watch c. watching d. in watching
2. I’d hate _______ the exams, so I’m doing my best.
a. failing b. to fail c. fail d. failed
3. I always enjoy _______ to my grandfather. He always tells me great stories.
a. to talk b. to talking c. talking d. talk
4. Could you help me _______ the kitchen? It’s a real mess!
a. tidy b. tidied c. tidying d. with tidying
5. Steven dislikes _______, so he usually takes a bus to work.
a. to drive b. to be driven c. be driven d. driving
6. Jane prefers _______ music than to listen to it.
a. playing b. play c. to play d. played
7. Marlene can’t wait _______ to the beach again.
a. to go b. going c. for going d. go
8. I really regret _______ this computer – it’suseless.
a. buy b. to buy c. buying d. for buying
9. Your child needs _______ some weight. Tell him _______ less junk food and more exercise.
a. to lose - eat b. to lose - to eat c. losing - to eat d. losing - eat
10. I would love _______ to your party! Thank you for inviting me.
a. come b. coming c. to come d. came
IV. Complete the sentences with the correct form (to-infinitive or -ing form) of the verbs in the box. Some verbs can be followed by either a to-infinitive or an -ing form.

1. My brother loves _____________ live football on TV.
2. Do people in your country like _____________ abroad on vacation?
3. Riding a bike is Lan’s pleasure, but she detests _____________ in the rain.
4. I don’t mind _____________ at home to look after the children.
5. As a child, he hated _____________ books, but now he finds it enjoyable.
6. Minh is in good shape. He enjoys _____________ sport and exercise.
7. She doesn’t like _____________ up early in the morning, especially at the weekend.
8. Emily dislikes _____________ crafts, but she enjoys origami.
9. I fancy _____________ out tonight because I’m too tired to cook.
10. Nancy adores _____________ with her best friend Helen.

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