American Modernism

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Death of a salesman & Uncle Tom\'s Cabin

- American playwright Arthur Miller 
- Combine social awareness with a deep 
concern for his characters’ inner lives. 
- Best known for
Death of a Salesman

- His father used to own a successful business
- The Great Depression, however, brought 
financial ruin to his father, demonstrating to 
the young Miller the insecurity of modern 

1. Who is Willy Loman?
The salesman
2. Who is Willy’s wife? Who are his children?
Linda Loman; Biff Loman and Happy Loman
3. Who are Charley and Bernard?
Charley is Willy’s neighbor & friend; Bernard is 
Charley’s son & Biff’s childhood friend.
4. Why is Willy home? What difficulty he has 
to face at his job?
Willy loses control of his car and has to come 
home. He is old, but still has to travel far to 

5. Why is Willy annoyed at Biff? How does he 
describe Biff? 
Although Biff is thirty four years old, he hasn’t 
had a stable job. Willy describes Biff as “an 
impressive lad, but lost”.
6. Why won’t Happy go out West with Biff, 
and why won’t Biff stay? 
Happy won't go out West because he wants to 
equal the manager as regards salary and 
prestige. Biff won't stay because he finds the 
routine of office and sales work too confining. 

7. How does Willy act toward the boys when 
they are young? How do they act toward him? 
Willy boasts of his sales prowess and his sons 
idolize him.

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