77 building blocks of digital transformation: the digital capability model

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The Structure of This Book
The Digital Capability Model consists of 12 mega capabilities and 77
capabilities, where a mega capability is comprised of a set of capabilities.
This book is organized to describe the capabilities individually according to
the taxonomy of the Digital Capability Model. The diagram of the Digital
Capability Model on the next page will facilitate better understanding of the
structure of this book.
Digital Customer Experience Management is discussed first. Digital
Customer Experience Management is a set of digital capabilities used to
improve customer experience across all digital channels and touchpoints.
Digital Customer Experience Management capabilities provide overarching
directions for the front-office, middle-office and back-office capabilities of
the Digital Capability Model.
The front-office capabilities are explained next. As mentioned earlier, the
front-office is structured to be aligned with the customer relationship moving
from socialization to purchasing action. This starts at Social Interaction
capabilities and moves up to Digital Marketing capabilities, and eventually
Digital Commerce capabilities.

[Figure 2: The Digital Capability Model - Capability View]
Digital Channel capabilities are introduced right after the introduction of the
front-office capabilities. This mega capability is closely integrated with the
front-office capabilities that use Digital Channel capabilities to connect to a
broader digital user base, including digital customers.
Following the introduction of Digital Channel capabilities, the middle-office
and back-office capabilities are described.
Digital Data Management capabilities and Digital Infrastructure

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