77 building blocks of digital transformation: the digital capability model

Most digital capabilities in the Model are aligned with customer

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3. Most digital capabilities in the Model are aligned with customer
journeys toward purchasing
Thanks to digitized customer interactions, customer behaviour and interaction
can now be observed objectively. So that the customers can be influenced
effectively at multiple touchpoints to move toward a purchasing action during
their journey. This is why managing customer experiences and journeys are
becoming more critical in the digital age than ever before. All channels,
front-office, middle-office, and back-office, should be aligned with
strategically developed customer experience journeys. This concept is core to
the formation of the Model.
4. The front-office is structured to move interactions with customers
from socialization through marketing to sales.
It is not possible to sell to everyone encountered online immediately.
Socialization should first be used to build a relationship as per the customer
journey map.
The Social Interaction capabilities of the front-office can target a broader
audience than customer segments in a marketing plan. This enables the
building of brand awareness, interest and preference widely, as well as
creating word of mouth through loyal brand supporters.

The relationship evolves beyond socialization to the point where marketing
offers can be pitched, and to the next level where potential customers are led
to a purchasing transaction. The Model fully supports the concept of
managing conversions in the marketing funnel.
5. The Model is relevant to many different marketing approaches.
Marketing practices typically consist of planning, execution and performance
evaluation processes. Every business, however, has a different set of
marketing processes. The holistic and comprehensive nature of the reference
model makes it relevant to any marketing process that conforms to the Plan-
Do-See marketing cycle.

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