77 building blocks of digital transformation: the digital capability model

Impact of the Digital Trend on Business

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Impact of the Digital Trend on Business
I started my career as the marketing manager of an Interactive Marketing
Team in a marketing communication company. When my team saw the
potential of the Internet as an unprecedented effective marketing channel, we
developed an Internet shopping mall in the mid-1990s by using CGI
and MySQL
database. E-business soon became the
dominant trend as the first version of digital business in the early 2000s.
Nowadays, new digital technologies are introduced at a rapid pace. As was
learned from integrating e-commerce or e-business into the traditional

business in the past, other significant potential for further sell-side
improvements is possible by applying those contemporary digital
technologies to the business.
It is commonly acknowledged that Social, Mobile and Cloud are among the
most relevant factors of the contemporary digital era. A closer look at these
three elements reveals that they are closely related from a business
Put simply, those three things are all related to ‘digitized user interactions’.
Social means users interact with each other for socialization, Mobile means
users interact using mobile devices, and Cloud means dynamic provisioning
of business services to support unpredictable, massive transaction processing
involving the un-structured and semi-structured data those interactions
Before the contemporary digital age, customer behaviour could only be
determined through surveys and focus groups interview (FGI), or at best by
analysing behaviours of customers who did visit.
Using Social, Mobile and Cloud, previously unseen customers’ private
reactions to brands through ‘digitized interactions’ can now be observed and
even measured, even if they never visit or shop. Customers reveal themselves
to businesses through their digitized interactions. Marketing & sales divisions
should be most excited about the digitization of customer behaviours.

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