77 building blocks of digital transformation: the digital capability model

Digital Capability Planning Methodology

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[PD] Documentos - eTOM - Working Together - ITIL and eTOM v11.2
Digital Capability Planning Methodology
Task 1-1. Assess Current State Operating Model
Task 1-2. Define Maturity Level of Current Digital Capability
Task 2-1. Set Maturity Level of Future Digital Capability

Task 2-2. Design Future State Operating Model
Task 3-1. Identify Gap and Improvement Opportunity
Task 3-2. Create Digital Initiative & Business Case
Task 3-3. Develop Roadmap
Epilogue: Applying Artificial Intelligence
About the Author
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The Purpose and Audience of This Book
This is not a theory book that discusses academic concepts of digital
capability and digital transformation, but rather a practical field book that
describes how to assess and improve digital capabilities of an organization.
This book therefore caters best for digital ‘practitioners’ who are involved in
digital business operations, including information technology, digital
technology, digital marketing, digital channel management, social media
management, online commerce, online customer services and many more
operational areas that digital technology may have an impact on.
A digital capability is defined in this book as an organizational capacity and
ability to produce intended business outcome in the digital space by
combining process, people and technology elements in a way that is unique to
each organization.
A Process element includes process flow, input & output information, and
business rules, policies & guidelines. A People element includes
organizational structure & culture, and people’s roles, responsibilities &
skills. A Technology element includes applications, data, infrastructure,
facilities and equipment around digital technology.
The Social Listening digital capability is for example defined as an
organizational capacity to understand what users are talking about on social
media and use that for business by combining its well-defined processes,
skilled staff and their clear roles & responsibilities, and automation tools. A
higher maturity of digital capabilities ensures effective and efficient
operations of a digital business.
Digital business operations is a multi-disciplinary area where business and IT

converges and works together to produce business outcomes in the digital
space. Understanding both business and IT as if these were a single
departmental function is therefore critical to the success of digital business.
The Digital Capability Model is optimized to meet the needs of those who
wish to obtain and increase this cross-boundary, multi-disciplinary
Although this book is comprehensive in its scope, it is introductory in its
The Digital Capability Model is comprehensive in scope, making it best
suited for those who desire to have a broad understanding of the entire scope
of digital capabilities and want to use a holistic approach to improve the
performance of their digital business.
However, the book is focused on ‘introducing’ digital capabilities by
describing their definition and key concepts, as well as the maturity levels
and maturity indicators of each digital capability. Although it goes deep
enough when necessary, technical details of a digital capability is out of
The definition and key concepts of ‘Product Similarity Analytics’ capability
are for example discussed and the basic analytical method explained,
although the detailed formula and algorithms of the analytics are deemed
outside the scope of this book. This book may be used as a starter to
understand the overarching structure of digital capabilities, while other
sources should be used when technical details for implementation of the
digital capabilities are required.

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