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Precis of Divine Messages







Portrait of Nguyễn Long Thành

Aothor (tác giả): Hiền Tài Nguyễn Long Thành

Translator (người dịch): Khai Tâm Quách Minh Chương


In material civilization, people more and more whirl in livehood. People having surplus of money rush distractly into position and power and poor people have to manage their life to solve the frightful hunger, therefore they have no time to think of God or believe the existence of soul.

Upon the extreme of misery, the carnal body has to creeps everywhere to seek for food although they raise the lament about the meaningless life.

The divine light is sunk in the carnal body upon declined time, nobody knows a chance lighting the mystery to hurry the guest of world to return the old throne.

If the door of path is closed, do we know where the station of destination is? Consequently, the holy scripture is a good method to land people returning into the correct way. Stepping on jurney may reach the destination and meditation just helps to thoroughly understand the natural truth.

The holy says are ready at ears but the carnal eyes close because the carnal body whirls upon livehood, therefore the spirit also becomes vacant. Taking the holy messages to arrange them to be pages of daily chant is the work of guest handing over oppotune to the people seeking the Tao.


Scripture borrowing as thinking theme,

Prayer taking to awake spirituality.

Step to lead the journey,

Forget sripture, prayer, self to abtain throne.

Tây Ninh Holy See, dated 10th April Quý Sửu year [12th May 1973]

The following Divine Teachings are extracted from two books of Collected Divine Messages published by the Sacerdotal Council of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation [Tây Ninh Holy See] in 1963 for first book, in 1964. They are re-arranged due to topic to help reader to comprehend the key content of Caodai theory easily.


1. When there had not have any in the World Universe, the Supreme Ether bore only ME and MY throne is the Extreme throne. I divided the Extreme into Yin and Yang then Yin and Yang divider into Four Emblems, then Four Emblems turned into Eight Trigrams, the Eight Trigrams metamorphosed infinitely then founded the World Universe. I also divided the MY nature in order to bear all kinds of creatures: matter, plant, insect, beat and bird called all living beings [Page 62, Vol. 2]

2. The Yin Light is the chaotically primordial cosmic ether existing before the Supreme Being created the universe. That wave of Yin Light is the Diêu Trì Cung containing sophisticated living beings. This Palace is like a female Vagina with embryos for human. When the Supreme Being promulgated the warm Yang Light for creation of life, then the Yin Light had to be pushed back and down to became stars as the mechanism of creation and nurtures of all living beings. But that Yin Light had limitation. That means, wherever the Yang Light has not reached Divine Light of Supreme Being yet, that religion still remains dark and gloomy without multiplying. Therefore, region which is short of Divine Light is called Âm Quang. It means a gloomy space, or the Hell, underworld that previous Saints named. Consequently, regarding to names used in many Religions, that is a space with punishments to sinful souls with base karmic attachments awaiting reincarnation. This space is called Âm Quang in order to modify the Hell or underworld of superstition spreaded. But really, this is a place sinful souls to recover themselves with purgatory (an intermediate region between the Hell and Nirvana, where is glooming, somber) Eight Immortal [Page 85, Vol. 2]

3. The Yin Dimension is a purgatory called as “waiting area” by Theosophy – a place for souls who have passed away or souls are ready to reincarnate. The Great Merciful Father has assigned the Buddhism to call “Meditation Hall”. It means that is a place for souls contemplate themselves for their good and bad during their fife. Therefore, that is a place for self-contemplation. If all human beings know to self-consider before their life, they can pass the Yin Dimension-naturally. Seventh Immortal [Page 92, Vol. 2]

4. The philistine world is the miserable site at where ranks of Saints and Fairies are banishd with cimes. It is the grievous site to pay all consequence of karma or return to old position, or can not pay then must loose the spirit then get the samsara. Hence, the spirits who are banishd are called worldly travelers. [Page 3, Vol.2]

5. Palace of the divine Psyche is a place to mirror the mistakes and guilts [Page 83, Vol. 1]


1. Thousand years, the God manages the Universe [Page 5. Vol. 1]

2. Dipankara Buddha is Me,

                   Sakyamuni Buddha is Me.

                   Thái Thượng Ngươn Thỉ is Me,

                   Being mainly Cao Đài. [Page 13, Vol. 1]

3. Nothingness Energy/Origin Energy bears your Master only…………….

If without Me, there is nothing in Universe, but without Nothing Energy, I would not exist [Page 31, Vol. 1]

4. One My perisprit bears and creates more Buddha, Fairy, Saint, Angel and all living creatures in the Universe. So you are Me, I am you [Page 30, Vol. 1]

5. Creation of Earth and Heaven is essentially by Me, giving birth Fairy, Buddha is essential by ME, I have told you that one Perisprit bears the Universe and all human beings. I am Buddha, Buddha is Me. [Page 48, Vol.1]

6. I opened Eight Diagrams to found Universe, so it is called as Dharma, Dharma exists to bear Universe and living beings and then there are humans, called Samgha. I am Buddha as master of Dharma and Samgha to found religions to restore you in order to get union with Me [Page 48, Vol. 1]

7. I am His Holiness Jehovah of Israel race - a nameless Saint of Israel race – Great Father of Jesus Christ Savior. You only pray with Me with name Cao Đài, you will have movability for acceptance [Page 124, Vol. 1]

8. All living beings having life are born by My soul, if there is the life, surely there is Me surely. I am father of the life. So, My love for live is endless [Page 62, Vol. 2]

9. The life is Me, but to kill Me is not easy, you try to teach the human beings about that thing [Page 62, Vol. 2]

10. Your Master is Heven Master, should know Him only, that is enough, hear [Page 45, Vol. 1]

11. At the Nirvana, all are My children, that means brothers and sisters each other [Page 57, Vol. 1]

12. Nobody on this earth with the right says replacement for MY power to handle mankind’s soul side [Page 18, Vol. 1]

13. You should understand that: how My mystery is? 


1. Each philistine human on this earth always has got two bodies. Philistine one is called “corporel”. And the holy part is called “spirit”. However holy part has the origin of philistine world. So it is called a half-visible form because it can be seen but can not be also seen. That holy and mysterious invisible form is made from refinement of Essence, Energy, Soul [Page 29, Vol 1]

2. About corporality, with philistine eyes, you consider it as one, actually the corporality is essentially a mass containing thousand myriad of living creatures.  Those living creatures combine together to be amass. Those creatures have got divine nature. Because substances which feed the corporality are also creatures, such as vegetables, grass, tree, fruit, paddy, rice and all foods also the life nature.

Foods are moved to stomach, and become Energy, Energy becomes blood. It can become humane form. Thus, a blood drop is a mass of souls [Page 33, Vol. 1]

3.  The corporal body of human is a mass of spirits composed each other, those spirits are eternal, should understand that the six internal organs and viscera are also formed from a mass living units, however they complete their duty, understand or not, it is replied to My orders with teachings [Page 78, Vol. 1]

4. The perisprit is the energy, second body surrounding your physical body as a mould enclose, center of Energy is the brain, it’s out and in gate is the end of sternum which is called “Vi Hộ” [Page 78. Vol. 2]

5. What is Second Body?

It is the Second Body, holy body. In the physical body, it is hard to breat out of the body because the rude body binds strictly.

That Spirit Body of Saint, Fairy, Buddha is extremely mysterious, immortal and eternal. True monk with the rude body but reach the peak of the Way, He can free out of the body before dead time to stroll everywhere outside the world. That Spirit Body can be permitted to kowtow in front of Me [Page 6, Vol. 1]

6. At your secular body, for each person, I always enable a soul to conserve your life. I think that there is no talking, you may understand thoroughly that spirit is naturally impartial and have authorization to communicate with all Angels, Saints, Fairies, Buddhas and perfectly pure Spirits of Ngọc Hư Cung steadfastly record the good and the bad correctly in order to submit to the judgment Court. Consequently, a wee bit of thing can not be missed. The good and bad always take the result. Moreover, are due to the Divine character not only to conserve you but also teach you. That is a thing that people often call “reverse conscience” [Page 66, Vol. 2]

7. Whole reincarnation changes from the matter to become plants, from plants to animals, human must be changed with reincarnation in thousand years, ten thousand times to become position of Human. On this world, Human position is determined many value ranks. The human position at this earth has not been able to be compared with the lowest rank of 67th Globe [Page 68, Vol. 1]

8. You must know on the Heaven and Earth, human is MY precious children, consequently I always notice and see to your repentance so that you enjoy good blessing together [Page 29, Vol. 2]

9. Whether wise person has been fallen down to the world, his heart always misses the fairy land [Page 20, Vol.1]


1. I create each race with their own especially mysterious part of characteristics and only because human beings do not try do study the nature, they just find the outward profit and forget conscience. They do not always love together but kill each other, and do not wish to create communicated means for love but find methods for killing each other [Page 85. Vol. 1]

2. For benefit, I have also reserved it for you to enjoy together but because of the lust, this one contains much, other one sustains hunger.

 For power, I have also reserved for you as I had reserved.  Angel, Saint, Fairy, Buddha in order to have situation to restrain together in keeping MY divine quality of loving human beings  but that power has become a body to bind human beings  in the thrall circle [Page 63, Vol. 2]

3. Do you understand why all human beings are dishonest and lustful?

That is because they want many people to comply under those power, position and benefit. So, human’s essential is the calamity of food and clothing to hold tightly the power of distribution for food and clothing. Nobody who born on this earth can avoid it [Page 63, Vol. 2]

4. The deceitfulness and rapacity penetrate into home, the home will not be right. The deceitfulness and rapacity penetrate into the nation, the nation will has not the way to administer with the honest. If the deceitfulness and rapacity penetrate develop excessively on over the world, the world will be out of Saint, Angel [Page 64, Vol. 2]

5. You are by Religion which is the justice, otherwise justice overthrows against violence, then the Religion would be manifest [Page 98, Vol. 1]

6. As long as you still see the injustice on the earth, Religion is not fulfilled yet [Page 98, Vol. 1]

7. National debt on two shoulders

Civil’s responsibility must be fulfilled

Morality needs to be cultivated daily

Don’t forget Lạc Hồng race. [Page 163,Vol. 2]

8. I have founded the Religion in this South with essential thing to reward a nation which has been withstood many outburst of anger from past to present [Page 25, Vol. 2]

9. The Holy Religion is opened for one nation, it means that disaster of that nation nearly ends [Page 16, Vol. 2]

10. You do not need to take care of founding My Temples, respectfully repair Buddha statue. You understand that the “Protect Life” origin is the origin of “My Divine Quality” [Page 6, Vol. 2]

11. The love is a rope of life protection of the Universe. There is love so that human beings are peaceful, the Universe gets quiet. With getting quiet so that people will not be revengeful each other to maintain the mechanism of creation and transformation firmly [Page 69, Vol. 2]

12. The Paradise is not this earth, the middle of skype, cloud transferring the survival miracle. Advise children to see the Master’s step to catch Master’s path [Page 115, Vol. 1]

13. If humankind of the earth knows to lead a religious life, humankind may perhaps protest against the Heaven Law in order to dissipate the accidents, dissipate the karma, much less each individual knows to lead a religious life then it is useless when Celestial Court holds the Nam Tào register [Page 5, Vol. 2]


1. The richness is by gathering and storing the precious properties on the earth. What do those properties include?

+ Gold, kind throne, velvet,…

+ Gold is the trivial metal only.

+ Kind throne or beauty is the color only.

+ Velvet is the material from animal.

Do you consider they are real property? Throughout conisderation of their origin, those properties are so trivial [Page 125, Vol. 1, translated from French]

2. What is the dignity? What are wealth and fame? Dignity is generality of titles showed to seduce people little or much. Those titles are created by people to award the other ones [Page 125, Vol. 1, translated from French]

3. Things given by human are very philistine properties. Things made by human are never lasting. The human just creates the philistine properties. The philistine properties are disintergrated [Page 125, Vol. 1, translated from French]

4. Fame and wealth passion causes immorality.

Fame and wealth worship is impossible to be close to God [Page 116, Vol. 1]

5. For benefit, I have also reserved it for you to enjoy together but because of the lust, this one contains much, other one sustains hunger [Page 63, Vol. 2]

6. Litle fame and wealth contains hundred graunt things

Must turn back to avoid greed [Page 113, Vol. 1]

7. Much properties, less virtue like dew on grass

Conflict leads implication situation [Page 128, Vol. 2]

8. The honour and wealth, bait of glory are not different to blade of grass in the dew, mass of clouds among winds [Page 12, Vol. 2]

9. Your riches, true honor do not exist on this earth [Page 77, Vol. 1]

10. Just as bird goes back origin and water goes away, long since people living on this earth are just traveler [Vol. 1]


1. I essentially founded out Five Branches of Great Way as following:

Way of humanity

Diety Doctrine

Saint Doctrine

  Immotial Doctrine

  Buddhism Doctrine [Page 17, Vol. 1]

2. Formerly I came to found Buddhism nearly six thousand years, the principal foundation of Buddhism has been almost changed. I often hear that humankind says “The Buddha hasn’t taught anything”. Nowadays I decide to use mysteriouness to preach Religion, not come with physical body in order to change the Buddhism completely [Page 19. Vol. 1]

3. The Sakyamuni Buddha,

Moves Buddhism,

Moves Dharma,

Movess Sangha, return to the origin of Great Way, do Human Beings know [Page 14, Vol. 1]

4. The Sakyamuni Buddha is Me, want to save all living creatures, assumed name Cao Đài Đại Bồ Tát. Does mankind know? [Page 21, Vol. 1]

5. Essentially, from the age Lục Tổ [Sixth , Buddhism was shut (50), so monks led a religion life with much merit but without achievement. Principle Religion was changed to be not a Right Way by Thần Tú and founded the personal law forcing Meditation [Page 21, Vol. 1]

6. The Savior came to you. He had to be shedded His Sacred blood to redeem mankind’s guilt. In two thousand years without Him, what usefulness had you been doing? You preached His doctrine, but you have not understood anything by yourself. You led the guideline nature of Sacred Religion into falseness. Mankind must be stood misery because of the variant of Holy Disciples [Page 120, Vol. 1]

7. The Holy Religion of Savior (because of misunderstanding) makes increase of the strong person’s passion for weak person and helps to teach the power person to bully the lower person. There must have the new Doctrine which is possible to restrain humankind in commiseration for living beings [Page 121, Vol. 1]

8. That dogma should have brought the peace and mutual love into mankind, but oppositely it made the seeds of separation and war. Consequently, I have to come down to bring you the peaceful foundation promised [Page 120, Vol. 1]

9.  Knots of Religions that I have founded with the risk of My life have been fallen into Demon King’s hands [Page 100, Vol. 1]

10. You have got three truthful religions as Three Religions, you know to respect, nowadays there is one truthful religion. Do you know that fewer nations can get the favour? [Page 48, Vol. 1]

11. Nobody on this earth with the right says replacement for My power to handle mankind’s soul side [Page 18, Vol. 1]

12. Grades of Angel, Saint, Fairy, Buddha, from the time Religion was closed, rule is still intact. Method of refine dharma is not changed but Heaven prevents of combination of “Spirit” with “Essence – Energy” [Page 12, Vol. 1]

13. The Spirit is shortcoming of mysterious mechanism from the time of Religion which was closed [Page 12, Vol. 1]

14. Formerly, the time Buddha Door closed, though the principle dharma became old, actually in that old law, human can be received the exercise dharma transmitted. In spite of old law, certainly religion is unchangeable. Just by merit to reach the peak of the religion only. But one thing that Ngọc Hư Cung refused the laws, Lôi Âm Tự broke down the old law. Therefore, many people led a religious life while few people got the highest result [Page 38, Vol. 1]

15. Human living on this earth, whichever face they belong to, they just have one same father, He is the God Who is presiding your destiny. Why do you segregate each other because of different opinion in religious doctrine, while all of you must be suffered to purify your crime on this earth? [Page 123, Vol. 1]

16. In very near future, Three Religions stop all, if someone has the blessing, he will be saved by the God at the present time. If after this period, no one else saves you …Thái Thượng [Page 54, Vol. 1]


1. I surely come here now by Myself to save you, not accept to hand over the Principal Religion to philistine hands anymore. But I force to build Principal form with higher and lower positions to be easy for you to guide each other, elder brother first and younger brother afterward to go back to Elysium [Page 18, Vol. 1]

2. I combined Three Religions to found the New Law… The revision of rites and worship according to “Third Period - Universe Salvation” also appears from that, know clearly [Page 43, Vol. 1]

3. Nowadays, I must find the more mysterious method to conquer you. You will be not able to deny anymore when facing on the general judgment court that I would not save humankind by effective methods [Page 122, Vol. 1]

4.  I am because of great love and mercy, still use love of life to found Great-Way Third-Period Universal-Salvation, with the leading line to save the predestined people into the high position to avoid reincarnation and bring virtue people to unoccupied space which is higher than the humble and hard position on this earth [Page 64, Vol. 1]

5. At this region, people are very good-nature and gentle, so I come here as Saviour came to you to fight heresy and preach Truthful Religion on over the world [Page 123, Vol. 1]

6. I come to found a truthful religion which gets enough status to save all living beings [Page 77, Vol. 1]

7. The sixty-eight globe appears the divine light suddenly to awake philistine traveler, to lighten and guide people with origin in order to save for escaping from the disaster of Heaven law which will destroy all because of fierceness of living beings [Page 34, Vol. 2]

8. La nouvelle doctrine que j'enseigne a pour but de vous mettre une dans communauté d'intérêt et de vie. Soyez donc unis par ma volonté et prêchez au monde la paix et la concorde. [Page 122, Vol. 1]

9. If humankind knows to lead the religious life, that will be is a peaceful foundation which is full of promise for all races. You will prove to the France: Vietnam is a worthy nation to France [Page 122, Vol. 1]

10. Peace policy is your policy to use for building Religion [Page 61, Vol. 2]

11. Opening the Religion is not the common matter, and being born in stage of meeting religion is not easy. To want to get achievement, of course it is forced to have the strict and clear laws of reward and punishment. There is reward to encourage the person who has the accomplishment, there is punishment to be able to admonish the fishy heart…Thái Bạch [Page 53, Vol. 1]

12. When Ngọc Hư Cung [Court of God] ordained the Hiệp Thiên Đài [Divine Alliance Palace] to preserve destiny of human being and to establish right congregation, the Great Mercy Father changed Dharma in entrusting that power to Cửu Trùng Đài [Nine Divine Planes Palace] [Page 86, Vol. 2]

13. From this time, in this South country, just one truthful Religion is MY Religion only that I come to found for you , called “National Religion”, understand! [Page 43, Vol. 1]


1. What does kowtowing mean?

Kowtowing means appearance, respect in heart [Page 11, Vol. 1]

2. When offer ceremonies, two your hands shut together, but let left hand be in TÝ act, right hand turns upward and under right hand. The right hands covers.

On the left, it is Sun, on the left it is Moon. That means Yin Yang. Yin Yang unite to make Universe, bear and evolve. That means Tao [Page 11, Vol. 1]

3. Why do you kowtow the living with two kowtows?

That is origin of combination of Yin and Yang. That is Religion [Page 11, Vol. 1]
3. Why do you kowtow the vulgar soul with four kowtows?

Because of two kowtows of human, one kowtow for God and one kowtow for Earth [Page 11, Vol. 1]

4. Why do you kowtow Diety, Saint with three kowtows?

It means kowtowing the third rank of God, and shows kowtowing the combination of Sperm, Gas, Spirit. That is the Tao [Page 11, Vol. 1]

5. Why do you kowtow Fairy and Buddha with nine kowtows?

Kowtowing the nine Grades of Cửu Thiên in civilizing [Page 11, Vol. 1]

6. And why do you kowtow Me with twelve kowtows?

You do not know?

Thập nhị Khai Thiên/Twelve Creators is Me, Supreme Ruller of Universe, handle Thập Nhị Thời Thần/Twelve Deities are in hands. Twelve is My private number [Page 11, Vol. 1]
7. It is not on time you know why you must draw Holy Image “Eye” to adore Me. But I say cursorily so you understand a little.

                Eye owns the Heart

                Two Lights are Supreme Ruller,

                Light is the Spirit,

                The Spirirt is Supreme

                Supreme is Me so [Page 12, Vol. 1]

8. I founded Buddhism at the time creation of Heaven and Earth, so Buddhism is first, then Taoism, and then Confucianism. Nowadays, the Last Circle almost finishes, must restore as former time, must reverse the first thing to do the last thing.

As founding Three Religions to unite:

                   Confucianism is first

                   Taoism is middle

                   Buddhism is last.

Consequently I must sit after Buddha, Fairy, Saint, Angel to take them to No action Nothingness Energy, mainly Nirvana [Page 49, Vol. 1]

9. The revision of rites and worship according to “Third Period - Universe Salvation” also appears from that [Page 43, Vol.1]
10. I advise you that the ceremony is not solemn, I do not descend down [Page 31, Vol. 1]
11. Whoever has faith offers and kowtows, offerings are rites called respectfulness. Angel, Saint, Fairy, Buddha never use offerings …Deity of Mỹ Lộc villlage [Page 80, Vol. 1]
12. All are My children, except for the superior and inferior hierarchy towards administration affair, all are behaved with same rank, nobody authorizes to infringe due to the power, nobody authorizes to compel and drive any body away due to the command [Page 52, Vol. 2]
13. Ordainment from the God is to let Saints, Fairies, Buddha escaping the earth make much merit for living beings in order to expect return to old throne [Page 40, Vol. 2]
14. You must try to participate in worship ceremonies frequently.

*    Firstly, make your perisprit near to Superior Spirits in order to be shining

* Secondly, pray to the Great Merciful Father to be forgiven for you and all living beings.

* Thirdly, performing rituals makes you sensitive to spirit, then to get induction. The induction is a natural principle.

* Fourthly, when your heart has got sensitiveness, your merciful mind would be extended. Especially, your psychological conscience and instinct is due to that to become enlightened …Quan Yin [Page 89, Vol. 2]

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