ĐỀ kiểm tra học kỳ I (NĂm họC 2015 – 2016) Môn: anh văn khốI 11

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ĐỀ KIỂM TRA HỌC KỲ I (NĂM HỌC 2015 – 2016)

Môn: ANH VĂN - KHỐI 11

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút; không kể thời gian giao đề

Mã đề thi 456


Daisy is on the phone with her mum. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions

Câu 1: Who is Mr. Oliveira?

A. A professor at college. B. A Portuguese teacher.

C. A British teacher. D. A new headmaster at college.

Câu 2: What is Mr. Oliveira’s nationality?

A. He is British. B. He is Brazilian. C. He is Portuguese. D. He is American.

Câu 3: When would Daisy’s mum like to visit Goa?

A. in December B. at Christmas C. in summer D. in autumn

Câu 4: What are Jenna and Daisy doing on Saturday night?

A. They are watching a horror movie. B. They are eating pizza.

C. They are at home. D. They are going to a party.


Câu 5: Walk(A) in the(B) rain helps(C) him relax(D).

Câu 6: When someone(A) give(B) you a present, it is a(C) custom to give(D) them in return.

Câu 7: If you didn’t wake(A) up late(B) this morning, you would have(C) caught the first(D) train.

Câu 8: He insisted on(A) seeing(B) the manager(C) tomorrow(D).


Diwali, “The Festival of lights”, is a/an __(9)__ Indian festival. It is held in October or early November, when the __(10)__ nights remind us winter is approaching. Families decorate the windows and doors of their houses with colorful lamps and the __(11)__ light shines out in the streets. There are wonderful fireworks in the evenings and the sky is full of glorious colours. In some __(12) __ of India, girls put small lamps into the river and leave them to __(13) __ away. If the light does not go out, it is considered good luck.

Câu 9: A. old B. new C. modern D. original

Câu 10: A. cold B. warm C. beautiful D. hot

Câu 11: A. brightly B. brighten C. bright D. brightness

Câu 12: A. places B. ways C. parts D. kinds

Câu 13: A. go B. fly C. flow D. float


Câu 14: The teaching of history shouldn’t be ...................... to date and figures.

A. limitation B. limit C. limiting D. limited

Câu 15: _____ is a holiday in Vietnam celebrated on September 2nd every year.

A. Teachers' Day B. Independence Day C. Thanksgiving D. Mother’s Day

Câu 16: It’s ages since I last saw a Hollywood film.

A. I haven’t seen any Hollywood films before. B. I haven’t seen a Hollywood film for a long time.

C. It’s ages because I last saw a Hollywood film. D. I saw a last Hollywood since ages ago.

Câu 17: The most________food of Tet is banh chung.

A. importance B. tradition C. special D. popularly

Câu 18: People are not aware of the problem of _____.

A. population B. populate C. overpopulation D. populous

Câu 19: He was ……..damaging the machine.

A. warned of B. accuse of C. accused of D. warned

Câu 20: There_______ a book, a pen, and three pencil on the table.

A. is B. has C. were D. are

Câu 21: Bob ______ having stolen Mary’s pocket calculator.

A. accepted B. admitted C. agreed D. dreamed

Câu 22: Australia Day which is a national public holiday _______ on January 26th

A. will be celebrated B. celebrated C. is celebrated D. is celebrating

Câu 23: She said that if it ……………………the next day, she …………………….to see us.

A. didn’t rain / would come B. doesn’t rain / will come

C. wouldn’t rain / could come D. hadn’t rained / would have come

Câu 24: A sudden large increase in the number of people in an area is called a population _____.

A. crisis B. growth C. explosion D. increase

Câu 25: They did not serve enough food because there were some ________ guests.

A. unexpectedly B. expect C. expected D. unexpected

Câu 26: Mary often found her teacher’s remarks stimulating.

A. enjoying B. interesting C. encouraging D. participating

Câu 27: He apologized………………… able to finish the project on time.

A. his colleagues for not being B. to his colleagues for not being

C. his colleagues not being D. his colleagues not to be

Câu 28: Since the early 1990s Viet Nam has experienced ................... growth but the differences between the lives of the rich and the poor have been greater.

A. economic B. population C. educational D. financial

Câu 29: “You broke my glasses,” said the woman to me.

A. The woman told me to break her glasses. B. The woman blamed me for having broken her glasses.

C. The woman advised me to break her glasses D. The woman insisted on breaking her glasses.

Câu 30: I’m pleased to _____ the winner of the final competition.

A. explain B. appoint C. announce D. recite

Câu 31: I don’t know her phone number, so I can’t call her yet.

A. I’ll look up her phone number and I call her.

B. If I knew her phone number, I’d call her.

C. You didn’t give me her phone number, and I didn’t call her.

D. I know her phone number but I haven’t called her.


Câu 32: A. stimulate B. activity C. performance D. apologize

Câu 33: A. increase B. decrease C. instead D. reading

Câu 34: A. festival B. comments C. spring D. sugar

Câu 35: A. organize B. however C. different D. average


In China everyone celebrates their birthday on New Year even if it is not the official date of their birthday. They turn another year older on this day.

They believe that the baby is born one year old. A Chinese child’s second birthday is an important event. It might tell the baby’s fortune. The baby is placed in the centre of a group of objects such as coins, a doll or a book and they wait to see which object he picks up. If he picked up a coin, he might become rich. If he reached for a book, he might become a teacher. If he reached the doll, he might have many children. The sixth birthday is also a big party time. The animal which rules the year the baby was born in is said to influence his life.

The birthday child pays respect to his parents and receives a gift of money. Friends and relatives are invited to lunch and noodles are served to wish birthday child a long life. It is considered unlucky to give someone a clock for a birthday present.

In China, people believe that tigers protect children. Family members bring newborn babies special food and present them with gifts of clothing or toys decorated with tigers.

Câu 36: Why does every Chinese celebrate their birthday on New Year even if it is not the official date of their birthday?

A. Because they believe that the baby is born one year old.

B. Because a Chinese child’s second birthday is an important event.

C. Because they turn another year older on this day.

D. Because friends and relatives are invited to lunch and noodles are served to wish the birthday person a long time.

Câu 37: Why is a Chinese child’s second birthday an important event?

A. Because it is also a big party time.

B. Because it might tell the baby fortune.

C. Because the baby is three year old.

D. Because the animal which rules the year the baby was born in is said to influence his life.

Câu 38: How is the baby’s fortune if he picks up a coin on his second birthday?

A. He might become rich. B. He might receive a gift of money.

C. He might have many children. D. He might become a teacher.

Câu 39: Which of the following shouldn’t be given to someone on her or his birthday?

A. A gift of money B. A clock C. A gift of toys D. Flowers

Câu 40: Why family members present newborn children with gifts of clothing or toys decorated with tigers?

A. Because they will pay respect to them. B. Because they will receive a gift of money.

C. Because they will be invited to lunch. D. Because it is believed that tigers protect children.


----------- THE END ----------

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