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Your answers: 
1. Paragraph A
2.Paragraph B
3.Paragraph C
4.Paragraph D
5.Paragraph E
SECTION E. WRITING (20 points)
Part I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the
sentence printed before it. (5.0 points)
1.If it hadn’t been for absolute secrecy, the mission wouldn’t have been successful.
 Without ________________________________________________________________
2. People believe the robber was wearing a dark-blue jacket.
 The robber _____________________________________________________________
3. Success in the academic field depends on qualifications you amass.
 The more_______________________________________________________________
4. I’m sure it wasn’t Mrs. Elton you saw because she is in Bristol.
It can’t _________________________________________________________________
5. I find his presentation on this subject really interesting.
 What really_____________________________________________________________
Part II. Use the word given in capital at the end of the original sentence to complete the second
sentence so that it means exactly the same as the printed one before it. Do not change the given
word. (5.0 points)
1. You must keep this door when the red light is illuminated. CIRCUMSTANCES
 Under__________________________________________________
2. “If I were you, I would not smoke in the office, David.” I said to him. ADVISED
 I ______________________________________________________
3. A true story forms the basis of Mary’s new novel.
 Mary’s new novel_________________________________________
4.I’m afraid that our problems are just beginning.
These problems of ours are__________________________________
5. With hindsight, we should have been more careful.
 _______________________________________________________

tải về 168.03 Kb.

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