Target 2017(18/1-18/3)

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TARGET 2017(18/1-18/3)

January 18



Thai Nguyen University

Date 18/1/2017

Listening skill test4: 17/40 (5.0)


My Answer

Right Answer


1, every other week

2, peter wisrlogh

3, 1660 London


5. BS97PU


7, central park

8, metal(KL)

9, magernies

10, savvy

1, every other week

2, Peter wisruogh

3, 168 Bridge road


5, BS97PU

6, yellow

7, central park

8, metal

9 magazines

10, savvy

Section2( 4/10)

11, website internet

12, too long

13, type

14, color

15, errors

16, skill experiences

17, phone number

18,19,20 B,C,E

11, Internet

12, too long

13, typed

14 layout( bố cục)

15 errors

16, skills and experiences

17, Contact number

18.19.20 C,E,F

Section3( 3/10)


31, technology

32, finding a job

31, modules technology

32, finding a job

33, old library

34, Maths department

Mission: tomorrow listening again, and write down some new words in this test.


In many countries, governments are spending a large amount of money on improving internet access.

Why is it happening? Do you think it is the most appropriate use of government money?


After editing:

It is true that an ample amount of government investment money is spent on enhancing of Internet connection. There are a host of reasons that explain for this phenomenon, and I believe that governments should also allocate the money more effectively for other sectors.

To begin with, in the digital age, the amelioration of the Internet provision is becoming a key national investment portfolio in some nations for some reasons. Firstly, Internet connection is a good way in order to help inhabitants who can have omnipresent access to international and local social news. So, thanks to Internet access, citizens are able to acquire more knowledge about new information in others countries in the world. Secondly, in the new business world, an improved Internet supply can facilitate the operation process of governmental companies. Internet connection is an essential tool of business in terms of management their employees, operational control, accounting and so on. Besides, it is become easier to enable corporations to access to their customers and meet the changing needs of customers (satisfy customers’ changing needs by information technologies. Take American business as an example, in recent years, there are various e-commerce and Internet advertisement that are growing which help business to achieve higher levels of operation efficiency.

However, governments should not pour too much public money into the amelioration of Internet provision. The primary reason is that the emergence of information technology has positive contributions in contemporary society, but it also brings more disadvantages for young people. They may become passive and uncreative in their jobs, since they extremely rely on the availability of the Internet. Another justification is that there are several other fields that need money to keep running. For example, healthcare services are facing a great difficulty with some serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, which would be costly to supply medicines and treatments. So, it seems that the investment health care services should be a priority.

In conclusion, there are a variety of reasons that explain why governments should invest money in enhancing of Internet supply, but they also should consider allocating the capital more appropriately in other fields.

New words

1.Capital allocation = capital disbursement : giải ngân

2, an ample amount of government investment money

3, key national investment portfolio: danh mục đầu tư quốc gia chính

4, omnipresent /ʻɒm.nɪ'prez.ənt/ = continuous

5, a host of reasons = a variety of reasons

6, amelioration /ʻɒm.nɪ'prez.ənt/= improvement

7. facilitate (v): tạo điều kiện

8, meet the changing needs of customers = satisfy customers’ changing needs

  1. Endeavor (v) nỗ lực

  2. honor the tenets of life: tôn vinh những giáo lí của cs

  3. pharmaceutical company: công ty dược

  4. there are now myriad ways

  5. mimic mother nature’s best assets: bắt chước tài sản tuyệt vời của mẹ TN

  6. capture nature's efficiencies: tận dụng được hiệu quả của thiên nhiên

  7. marry problems with natural solutions: Kết hợp các vấn đề với những giải pháp tự nhiên

  8. soon-to-be-released line of lipstick: son môi dễ trôi

  9. consistency (n) tính thống nhất

  10. scalability (n) tính mở rộng

Reading skill: 20/40(5.5)

NEW Zealand seaweed

3, under-use of native species

5, how seaweeds reproduce and grow

6, Why it doesn’t dry or sink: (buồn rửa)


K suy nghĩa logic

Seameal : đề cập đến mon ăn, trong câu hỏi đề cập đến canned and bottled food

Made into= forming hình thành

Cough mixture , ho lien quan đến medicine

11, can resist exposure in sunlight at high-water mark

12, grow in far open sea water

3, relatively little use was made of them

5, propagation of seaweed ….

6, some of the large seaweeds maintain buoyancy : nổi

Often reduce dehydration either……

11, the green seaweeds are mainly shallow –water algae

12, open coat

Optimism and health

16, optimistic outlook boosts ones,,,,

Immune system : hệ thống miễn dịch

An optimistic outlook: quan điểm lạc quan

18, optimistic is advantageous for human evaluation

20, Feelings of optimism vary according to gender

21. evenness of mind under stress is important to building resilience khả năng phụ hồi

16, attitude somehow strengthens the immune system

18, optimistic is a pieces of evolutionary equipment that carried us,,,,

Millennium: thiên niên kỷ

20. with women slightly more apt than men……

21… with equanimity also plays an important role.

The Columbia exchange

29, the formation of new continents explained

31, an overall description of the species being in effective in affecting the Old World

32. ineffective

35, fences= hàng rào

Fences to keep their cattle …inside

29, continental drift carried the Old World and New Worlds apart, splitting North and South America from Eurasia and Africa

31. there are no horses. Cattle, sheep, or goat ,all animals ….

32 not revolutionized

usurped không chiếm đoạt đc

35, fences were not for keeping livestock in but for keeping livestock out

1, cụm từ make use of : tận dụng gì đó

2, made into: forming . . shallow water: nông nước

3, algae : tảo biển

4, setbacks = fail

5, under-use : use (something) below the optimum level.= relatively little use

6, reproduce= sinh nở = propagation: sự truyền giống

dehydration: tình trạng mất nước

8, equanimity /ʻek.wə'nɪm.ɪ.ti/= evenness

Cattle: livestock = gia súc

7, voyagers= người du thuyền

Indigenous people : native people = indigenes

9, continent= lục địa

Epidemic =dich bệnh

Date 19/1/2017

Listening skill ( RẤT KÉM)

Date: 2/2/2017

Listening test 1 15/40

Dining: ăn uống

Proposal : đề nghị

Aquarium: hồ cá

Motel : nhà trọ

Spectacular: đẹp mắt

Exhibits : chưng bày

Intersection: ngã tư

Sth is state- of the art : most modern

Accommodate : provide

Radio ads: quang cáo âm thanh

Listening test 2 22/40

Listening cam 9 test 1 23/40

Writing skill


Prison is the common way in most countries to solve the problem of crime. However, a more effective solution is to provide people a better education.

Do you agree or disagree?


Some people think that prison sentences are plausible solutions to diminish crime rates in most nations. Apart from imprisonment policies, educational services play an important role that is used to heighten people’s intellect about criminals. In my perspective, I would argue that prison sentences are far better measures.

On the one hand, the reasons why prisons are extremely necessity in social security are varied. Firstly, imprisonment policies take the dominant role in dealing with prisoners in most countries. Since, the government use prisons as the places to keep people who have broken the law out of society, ensuring the safety for other people. For example, dangerous criminals such as rapists or murderers who pose a threat to society, so they ought to be imprisoned to secure civilized society. Furthermore, prison sentences are the most popular to prevent prisoners. Simply because some criminals are condemned to jail, they have to undergo losing freedom and a miserable life. So this is a flexible measure to deter who have tendency to carry out illegal actions

On the other hand, there are a variety of reasons that explain why education is an effective measure to solve criminals in contemporary society. It is true that education contributes greatly to heighten people’s intellect and to form a civilized community. Simply because citizens can acquire more knowledge and information in terms of the damage of committing crimes, so they can be aware of serious activities that pose a threat in their society and themselves, which leads to a decrease in crime rates. Additionally, thanks to vocational training, inhabitants are able to have a stable life, since fundamental education serves more experienced skills to help they seize the opportunities to get a good job and improve their career path.

In conclusion, I think that both imprisonment policy and education service are a mater key to cope with offenders. However, i believe that prison sentence is much better for governments to handle the problem of crimes.

  1. Sth to heighten people’s intellect : nâng cao dân trí

  2. imprisonment policies: án tù

  3. take the dominant role : vai trò chi phối

  4. rapists or murderers: hiếp dâm và trộm cắp

  5. sth/sb ought to be imprisoned: nên bị phạt tù

  6. sth/sb be condemned to jail: bị kết an tù

  7. miserable life: cuộc sống cơ cực

  8. illegality : hành động bất hợp pháp

  9. social security: an ninh xã hội

  10. heinous actions: hành động tội ác

1, popularity( n) , popular (a)

2, prison sentences: án tù

3, illegalities( n), illegal (a)

4, improvement = amelioration

5, social endorsement : sự chấp nhận của xã hội

6, st as means to = là cách để

The reasons why prisons are of indispensable necessity for social security are varied

The reasons why st be of indispensable necessity for social security are varied

7, murderer : kẻ giết người, rapist : hiếp dâm

8, to be imprisoned: bị bỏ tù

9, heinous crime : tội ác

10, prison sentence as a deterrent against crimes: là rào cản để chống tội phạm

11, be condemned to jail : bị tống vào tù

12, living a miserable life in a cell: cuốc sống cơ cực trong tù

13, committing illegalities: hành động bất hopwh pháp

14, education serves as a remedy for the origin of crimes

15, heighten people’s intellect

Heighten awareness

16, to form a civilized society: hình thành 1 xã hội văn minh

Committing crime

18 fundamental education

Vocational training

20 secure : ensure

21, dispel : xóa tan

Reading skill: 25/40



Wulian henry perkin


Play a crucial role

Is thể anybody out there

Extra- terrestrial intelligence : trí thong minh ngoài trái đất

Likelihood : khả năng

Severely limited: hạn chế nghiêm trọng

Alien : panet

16 : seeking the transmission of radio signals from planets

19, what kind of signals other intelligent civilizations are SETI scientists search for?

21, alien civilisations may be able to help the human race to overcome serious problems

22, SETI scientists are trying to find a life from that resembles humans in many way

Conservative (a): bảo thủ

Fellow : nghiên cứu sinh

Radio telescope : kính thiên văn

joint(chung) research project

24, so far SEIT scientists have picked up radio signals from several stars

16. it turns out that, for a given amount of transmitted power, radio waves in the……have concentrated on looking for radio waves

19, so all searches to date have concentrated on looking for radio waves

21, YES,

It is even possible that the older civilization may pass on the benefits of their experience in dealing with threats to survival such as nuclear war and global pollution

22, the life form we are looking for may well have two green heads and seven figures, but it will nevertheless resemble us in that it should…..

24, so far there have been a number of searchers …… until now there not been any detections from the few hundred stars which have been searched

Section3 :

The history of the tortoise

27, plants

What had to transfer from sea to land before any animals could migrate

29, gills : mang cá

which physical feature, possessed by their ancestors, do whale lack?

30, dolphins

Which animals might ichthyosaurs (thằn lằn cá) have resembled?

36 tight = dense( dày đặc)

38 halfway : nửa đường

27, we mustn’t forget plants

Date : 3/3/2017

Reading skill: 15/40



Section 1

1, an account of a national policy initiative

2, a description of a global team effort

4. a demand for suitable worldwide regulation

+ The needs of : nhu ầu của = a demand

+ Suitable worldwide regulation= appropriate international standards

5, D

A list of medical conditions which place some children more at risk from noise than others

+ auditory function: chức năng thính giác

+ autism : tự kỉ

+ hearing impairment : khiếm thính

11-12, current teaching methods

Cooling system

1, H

The New Zealand government has developed a new Zealand disability strategy and has embarked on a wide ranging consultation process

2, C

the international institute of noise control engineering , in the advice ò the world health organization, has established an international working party …

4, I

It is imperative that the needs of these children are taken into account in the setting of appropriate international standards to be promulgated in future.

Promulgated: ban hành



The auditory function deficits in question include hearing impairment, autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD).


Modern teaching practice

Mechanical means of ventilation: thong gió : phương tiện cơ học thông gió

Section2 : VENUS in transit

Venus : sao kim

14, examples of different ways in which the parallax principle has been applied

parallax principle : nguyên tắc thị sai

15, a description of an event which prevented a transit observation

Astronomer nhà thiên văn

Expedition thám hiểm

+ an event= fleeing on a French warship crossing the Indian ocean

+ prevented a transit observation= the ship’s pitching and rolling rule out any….

Pitching and rolling : gian hàng và cán

Rule out loại bỏ , bác bỏ

16, a statement about potential future discoveries leading on from transit observations

+ a statement: 1 tuyên bố

+ pave the way for : mở đường cho

Vital breakthroughs = discoveries leading

17 E

Description of physical states connected with Venus which early astronomical instrument failed to overcome.

Failed to overcome: không vượt qua được

Physical sate: tình trạng thể chất


19, A Edmond halley

+ by comparing observation = a difference in the observer’s position.

20, Johannes Kepler

The time taken = thời gian cần thiết

Depend on its distance from the Sun

21. Guillaume Le Gentil

He witnessed a Venus transit but was unable to make any calculations

22, Halley observed one transit of the planet Venus

+ he observed >< he didn’t survive to see either

23. False

Le Gellin managed to observe a second Venus transit

24, the shape of Venus appears distorted when it starts to pass in front of the Sun

Distorted : bóp méo= not circular

25, NG

26 True

The parallax principle allows astronomers to work out how far away distant stars are from the Earth

14, F Fleeing on a French warship crossing the Indian Ocean, Le Gentil saw a wonderful transit

15 D Fleeing on a French warship crossing the Indian Ocean, Le Gentil saw a wonderful transit

Fleeing : chạy chốn

The ship’s pitching and rolling rule out any attempt at (making accurate observation: tạo quan sát chính xác)

16, G

But such transit have paved the way what might prove to be one of the most vital breakthroughs in the cosmos

17. E

While this showed astronomers that Venus was surrounded by a thick layer of gases refracting sunlight around it, both effects made (it impossible to obtain: không thể có được) accurate timings.

18, johann Franz Encke, Director of the Berlin Observatory, finally determined a value for the AU based on all these parallax measurements: 153,340,000 km. Reasonably accurate for the time, that is quite close to today’s value


By timing the transit from two widely-separated locations, teams of astronomers could calculate the parallax angle - the apparent difference in position of an astronomical body due to a difference in the observer’s position. Calculating this angle would allow astronomers to measure what was then the ultimate goal: the distance of the Earth from the Sun


The distances of the planets from the Sun governed their …. Which were easy to measurable

Governed = điều chỉnh , tri phối


Le Gentil saw a wonderful transit – but… rill ruled out any attempt at making accurate observation


He accurately predicted that Venus would cross the face of the Sun ….. through he didn’t survive to see either


this view was clouded out at the last moment, a very dispiriting experience.

Clouded out : bị che khuất

24, TRUE

When Venus begin to cross the SUN’s disc, it looks smeared not circular

26, TRUE

The parallax principle can be extended to measure the distances to the stars

Section 3: a neuroscientist reveals how to think differently

Neuroscientist : nhà thần kinh học

Reveals : tiết lộ, cho thấy

28. iconoclasts are distinctive because their brains function differently

29. the brain works efficiency because it relies on previous events

30, iconoclastic thinker avoids cognitive traps : bẫy của nhạn thức

Avoids = do not fall

Pitfalls = traps= bẫy

31, exposure to different events forces the brain to think differently

Force: buộc phải

33, iconoclasts are unusually receptive to new experiences

40, C

iconoclasts are generally an asset because their way of thinking works in many fields, both artistic and scientific

….28 iconoclast are different from other people … their brains that are different in three distinct way : perceptive , …

29, thus it will draw on both past experience

30,their brains do not fall into efficient pitfalls

31, YES

Forces the brain to make new judgments



Successful iconoclasts have an extraordinary willingness to be exposed to what is fresh and different


Đoạn cuối cùng

Discoveries leading in ….= vital breakthrough in

Thwart= prevent

Listening skill: 20/40

Writing skill:


Many people now live in societies where consumer goods have become cheap

Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?


It is true that the prices of products tend to diminish significantly owing to the increase of productivity and the emergence of technology in recent years. Like everything else, this phenomenon has both negative and positive influences in contemporary society; both sides will be outlined below.

On the positive side, there are various reasons that explain why an affordable price brings several advantages for ordinary people. Firstly, the cheap prices of goods enable inhabitants to purchase a variety of products. Customers can afford many types of merchandises that are basic necessities ( daily necessity) in their daily life in terms of clothing, food and so on. Besides, thanks to this trend, less well-off people are able to expend less money with a tight budget as they used to buy products in previous years. Additionally, a reasonable price allows people from all walks of life and they can purchase many luxurious products and they may save money to access to a better education, healthcare and travelling. For example, nowadays, many people have a tendency to take a trip by plane in many different countries due to cheap airlines.

However, there exist some disadvantages from this trend. To gain more revenue in operation of company, many manufacturers use unqualified materials and unskilled labor to produce products with lower prices. So, the products are not guaranteed about the quality of products, this problem pose a threat in health and safety of customers. Furthermore, the products are made by unqualified materials, leading to short shelf life or poor durability. Therefore, customers may not only save money but also ought to spend more on fix or on purchase new products. Take China as an example, this country always sell many poor quality products with cheap costs in the market. As a result, many people now do not believe and use the products of this country.

In conclusion, it is clear that while a cheap market has ensured several advantages for citizens who live on tiny budget, it also brings some drawbacks for customers in terms of healthcare, shelf life and the durability of the products.

Nhận xét: bài viết này khó quá – nên tìm ý tưởng trên mạng .

Tạm chấp nhận cách viết này – nhưng nếu muốn nâng band thì tốt hơn hết em cần thu gọn các câu ghép lại – cắt bớt những cái rườm rà đi.

Cambridge 9 test 4 reading skill



Section1 : The life and work of Marie Curie

1, Marie Curie’s husband was a joint winner of both Marie’s Nobel Prizes

+ joint winner: chiến thắng chung >< sold winner: chiến thắng duy nhất.

+ Take over: tiếp quản

2, NG

4, Marie stopped doing research for several years when her children were born


Uranium : quặng uranium

Radioactive : phóng xạ

same property: thuộc tính giống nhau

When uranium was discovered to be radioactive, Marie Curie found that the element called ….and the same property.

11, Marie Curie saw the importance of collecting radioactive material both for research and for case of…..

+ abundant supply for sth : nguồn cung cấp dồi dào

12, The radioactive material stocked in Paris contributed to the discoveries in the 1930s of the …….and of what was known as artificial radioactivity


With her husband…, she was awarded the 1930 Nobel Prizes for Physic and was the sold winner of the 1911 Nobel prize for chemistry.


the births of Marie’s two daughters, …, in 1897 and 1904 fielded to interrupt her scientific work


Marie decided to find out if the radioactively discovered in uranium was to be found in other elements. She discovered that this was thorium


One of…was to have understood the need to accumulate intense( mãnh liệt) radioactive sources, not only to treat illness but also to maintain an abundant supply for research


the existence in Paris at the Radium Institute of a stocked of 1.5 grams of radium made a decisive contribution to the success of the experiments undertake ( thực hiện ) in the years around 1930. This work prepared the way for the discovery of the neutron by Sir ….of artificial radioactivity.

Section2 : The young children’s sense of identity

14, an account of the method used by researches in a particularly


DATE 16/2/2017

Listening cam 9 test 1

1 vacant: khoảng trống

2, washing up

3, interfere : ngây trở ngại

4, next to= beside

5, fringe: mép lề

6, dormitory= hostel: ký túc

7, perk hoạt bát

8, 22><27

9 now to on: ngay bây giờ

10, minimalist : tôi giảm

11, sign autograph: ký tặng

12, entrant: người dự thi

13, fitness test: triểm tra sức khỏe

14, reserve =booking

15, prove to = chứng minh

16, aloud= nói lớn lên

17, I was please

18, notice= aware of

19, time left off: thời gian còn lại

20, delight: vui mừng

21, embarrass: lung túng

22, consulted= tham khảo

23. session : buổi họp

24, it’s timely : kịp thời

25, ashore : trên bờ

26, infested : nhiễm trùng

27, worm : con sâu

Parasite :ký sinh

28, humpback : lung gù

29, coincided = suitable

Recent = late

Listening cam 9 test 2

  1. preference : sự ư thích

  2. catering; phục vụ ăn uốn

  3. full board; ăn ngủ trọn goi>< half board

  4. opt: option

  5. grant: tài trợ

  6. I wonder; tôi băn khoăn

  7. Cater= offer

  8. Vacancies= thuyển dụng

  9. Socialize giao luuw

  10. Creature: loài vật

  11. Spaces nearby: những bước gần đó

  12. One very pleasant place : vô cùng dễ chịu

  13. Replica : bản sao

  14. Ancient craft : thủ công xưa

  15. Daylight hours : ban ngày

  16. Herbs: thảo mộc

  17. Ranger: viên kiểm lâm

  18. A short while : thời gian ngắn

  19. Circular are

  20. Valuable resource

  21. Cremped trật hẹp

  22. Memos : bản ghi nhớ

Reading skill test 1 cam 10



Section1: stepwells

1, Unique to this region : chỉ duy nhất vùng đó

8, frequent visit


Over the world

8, flock to : đổ về= frequent

Lũ lượt kép đến

Section 2: European transport systems 1990- 2010

To gaze at : để ngắm nhìn

17, + fresh

+ important

+ long term goal


+ charging :giá

+ charging policies alone

21, + pattern : mô hình

The escalating cost : chí phí leo thang

Integrate : kết hợp

Different distance = not equidistant

17, + new

+ essential

+ 30 years’ time


+through pricing :giá

Section3 : the psychology innovation

Conscious = aware

31, remain in their job

32, avoid risk

34, under a dominant boss

35, share their ideas

31, still at the company

32, play it safe

34, out of team responsibility

35, a free interchange of ideas

Reading skill test 2 cam 10



Section 1:

Writing skill


It is more important for schoolchildren to learn about local history than world history.

What to extend to you agree or disagree?


Many people have valued the role of local history to be more important than international history for young leaners. From my perspective, I disagree with those people as both of them have equally essential in school’s program.

On the one hand, it is true that children should be taught the history of their hometown which is indispensable part of school’s curriculum. Young learners will have thorough insights into about what happened in the past and the patriotism of ancestors in their nation. For example, thanks to the lessons about local history in primary and secondary school, children are able to broaden their horizon about how their ancestors defended their land against outside intruders and claimed sovereignty. Therefore, students will take pride in their origin and treasure the life they have today. Besides, it is not only children’s privilege but also their responsibility to know their hometown’s traditional values.

From another angle, children have to learn about world history to acquire more knowledge about how the world’s past events occurred how occurred in the world’s past events, since young schoolchildren are equipped a more well-around perspective of life. Additionally, through learning international history, children may experience various aspects of life from the other countries’ historical background, so it would benefit for young learners in their path career. Moreover, students who are accumulated experiences and skills of their fields; they may seize the opportunities to work in foreign enterprises in many countries in the world. Take the Second World War as an example, the lessons about how Japanese citizens and their government stood up (đứng dậy)and rebuilt the country to be a big power from a collapse ( sự sụp đổ) after the Second World War bring advantages to young people

In conclusion, I believe that the significance of domestic and international history cannot be brought into comparison to see which one is more necessary, because all of them also bring a particular benefit for schoolchildren.

Nhận xét: sau khj đọc xong thỳ tôi thấy các ý khá ổn – ko cần bổ sung nữa . (vỳ lúc tôi cmt qua inbox là lúc tôi mới đọc phần mở bài thôi).

Em cần xem lại phần câu phức. Nên tập viết câu phức riêng. Viết 1 loạt câu phức dùng các liên từ (hay gì gì đó) oy nhờ Hạnh sửa – hoặc gởi cho tôi. Nếu ko nắm chắc thỳ nên chuyển các câu phức sang câu ghép dùng and/ because tách haj mệnh đề riêng ra cho đỡ sai.

Band 5.5 nhé. Mặc dù phần từ vựng rất tốt – ý tứ hợp lý – nhưng ngữ pháp chưa ổn lém. Để được band 6.0 trở lên thỳ pải ít lỗi ngữ pháp hơn.

Date : 25/2/2014

Đề bài:

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Dàn ý:

Mở bài: +) paraphrase

+) disagree

Body 1: Giải thích tại sao mọi người thích dùng sản phẩm công nghệ trong giáo dục

Body 2: Giải thích tại sao giáo viên là một phần ko thể thiếu trong lớp học

Kết bài: viết lại đề bài, nêu quan điểm

Bài làm:

Modern technology has made itself seemingly essential in current education. While some people think that teacher has not played an important role in classroom, I strongly believe that their appearance is irreplaceable.( không thể thay thế )

On the one hand, it is understandable that people currently are keen on adapting cutting-edge technology into training methods instead of using conventional ways. Adolescence ( tuổi vị thành niên) is more likely to use high-tech products like laptops, tablets( máy tính bảng ) or smartphones to study because it not only stimulate their lateral thinking but learners also fell more inspiring( cảm hứng) during learning process. For example, students have a tendency to make presentation with "Power Point" and submit assignments through Facebook. Therefore, some people consider that they are able to study without educators and completely rely on computers.

On the other hand, I am argued that teachers are an indispensable part in classroom for some reasons. Firstly, teachers not only teach pupils about knowledge but they also educate them standards of upright conduct ( chuẩn ,ực đạo đức) in society which are seemingly difficult to learn on Internet. Secondly, without teachers, students could not seriously study in classroom because of their indiscipline, especially with unruly child. ( ngang bướng)More importantly, educators help students evaluate their self-improvement as well as give them support during learning process.

In conclusion, although computers are nessesary in education, I still support the view that teachers play an indispensible role in classroom.

Modern technology has made itself seemingly essential; đã làm cho bản than dường như cần thiết


In developing country, children in rural communities have less access to education. Some people believe that the problem can be solved by providing more schools and teachers, while others think that the problem can be solved by providing computers and Internet access. Discuss both views and give your own opinion?


It is true that a proper education ( giáo dục thích hợp|)is still out of reach for students( ngoài tầm với ) who live in distant areas( far flung ares). Some people think that the government needs to offer computers and Internet connection in learning environment to settle this matter. However, I would argue that supplying more schools and educators to remote regions is a far better measure.

On the one hand, some people believe that computer and Internet access are becoming more important in their daily life in the digital age. Since, thanks to these devices, less well- off pupils are able to catch up with contemporary society. Take information technology skills in business as an example, the youth can gain an in depth – knowledge of their career path through educational software. Besides, this major has some requirements for the students about experience skills in terms of Microsoft excel, Microsoft word and so on, so it is a primary reason that explains why Internet connection and computers are really important in learning process for rural trainees. Another reason is that Internet plays a vital role in helping the students acquire more knowledge through websites. There are a variety of computers programs which contain a comprehensive course of self-study ( khóa học toàn diện) therefor they can broaden their horizon without participating in real classes.

On the other hand, schools and trainers are still a fundamental element in the curriculum in distant areas. It is not only a place for classes, but also as meeting rooms which enable pupils to exchange and study the importance of collaboration and socializing with other people. Secondly, most students are unlikely to self-study and self- discipline, so they need to have educators to control their study by regular attendance. Besides, teachers can acknowledge công nhận) these students’ deficiencies( thiếu sót); learners can achieve a good result by repeating the same explanation or giving some suitable assignments.

In conclusion, some people believe that computers and Internet access are extremely necessary in an ideal learning environment for rural students. Apart from these tools, offering schools and teachers are also an effective measure to equip knowledge for less well off pupils.

Nhận xét: Bài viết khá khẩm. Những chỗ bôi đỏ là saj chính tả hoặc lỗi cơ bản nhé – cô tự sửa thoaj! Bài này tính 6.5 cũng ko pải là ko thể!


Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists but not local people. Why is this the case and what can be done to attract more local people to visit these places?


It is true that a growing number of local citizens tend not to be attracted by historical places and museums. There are a variety of reasons that cause this issue and the government ought to give some measures to gain local people’s interest back.

There are various reasons explaining why local inhabitants are not attracted by historical places. The main reason may be that the young people have a tendency to discover new things in terms of culture, society and so on in strange places in contemporary society Feeling familiar of the locals is also the primary reason of this matter. Take Vietnam as an example, Vietnam has a variety of famous landscapes, but there still exist a number of people who sometimes make a trip to other foreign countries to experience new things in annual year. Another reason is that the authorities have a tight budget to conserve historical sites and museums in their areas, so these attractions become more monotonous and it is not enough to attractive the local people.

However, to prevent this matter, the government ought to have a certain concern in preservation historical places. Firstly, governments should encourage to made history subject a compulsory subject at school to help students to acquire more knowledge about their culture background. Secondly, the government needs to make an effort to improve the quality of tourist services in their countries, for example, they have to expend more supplement budget on rearranging and redecorating these places to attract the attention from local residents.

In conclusion, there are some factors that are the root of the lack of attraction by local inhabitants in their hometown in contemporary society. However, the government should enact some laws to ameliorate this matter.

Nhận xét: bài viết có mỗi mở bài là đẹp thôi. Tạm thời thụt lùi oy.

Về ý thì ổn – đưa ra đầy đủ ý kiến và dẫn chứng. Tuy nhiên triển khaj chưa tốt. Ngữ pháp pải nắm chắc hơn nữa (toàn mấy lỗi vớ vẩn).

task achievement

coherence and cohesion

lexical resource

grammatical range and accuracy







Cam 11 test 1 reading



Section1: Crop growing skyscrapers :


1, Some food plants, including…., are already grow indoors

+ including = the concept of

+ food plants ( nhà máy thức ăn) = hothouse production ( sản xuất nhà kính

+ not new= already


Vertical farm could use methane from plants and animals to produce…

Edible : ăn đc


One form of vertical farming involves planting in … which are not fixed

+ one form of vertical farming= one variation on vertical framing

+ planting = developing

Not fixed= không cố định = move on rails


The most probable development is that food will be grown on… in towns or cities.

+ While it is possible that much of our food= The most probable development

+ most probable development= Most experts currently believe it is far more likely

+ urban rooftops= rooftops in towns or cities.

8, NG

9, human beings are responsible for some of the destruction to food producing land .

Destruction : sự phá hủy

St/sb tobe responsible for st

Destruction to food producing land = 15% off the land has been laid waste


Fertilizers will be needed for certain crops in vertical farms

herbicides ,




Vertical farming will make plant less likely to be affected by infectious diseases.

+ Vertical farming = The system

+ plant less likely to be affected = reduce the incidence


1, the concept of indoor framing is not new, since hothouse production of tomatoes and …

3, Energy

Although the system would return consume energy, it would return energy to the grid via methane generation …edible part of plants.

6, Stacked Trays : Khay xếp chồng lên nhau

One variation on vertical framing that has been developed is to grow plants in stacked trays that move on rails

7, Rooftops

While it is possible that much of our food will be grown in skyscrapers in future. Most experts currently believe it is far more likely that we will simple use the spaces available on urban rooftops

9, True

At present, throughout the world over 80% of the land that is suitable for… some 15% of that has been laid waste by poor management practices. What can be done to ensure enough food for the world’s population to live on.

12, false

All the food could be grown organically eliminating the need for herbicides , pesticides and fertilisers

13, True

The system would greatly reduce the incidence off many infectious diseases

Section 2 : the falkirk wheel


14, the Falkirk wheel has linked the Forth $ Clyde Canal with the Union canal for the first time in their history.

Historically: co tu trc roi


The folkirk wheel was initially put together at the location where its components were manufactured

+ components = a various parts of Falkirk wheel

+ al constructed and assembled = initially put together

Assembled = lap rap

19, True

The construction of the Falkirk wheel site took into account the presence off a nearly by ancient monument


A pair of … are lifted in order to shut out water from canal basin

+ a pair ( 1 cặp) = two

Lifted = raised = nâng lên

Seal from water = shut out water


A… is taken out, enabling wheel to rotate

Taken out = removed( dỡ bỏ )

Turn( xoay) = rotate


Hydraulic motors drive …


14, False

Canal : keg dao

Historically, the two canals had been joined near the town of Falkirk by a sequence off 11 block enclosed sections off canal in which the water level … 1.5 km

16, TRUE

The various parts of falkirk wheel were all constructed and assembled, like one gaint toy building set


20, Gates cổng

Two hydraulic steel gates are raised, so as to seal the gonadolla ồ from water in the canal basin

21, Clamp ; bàn đạp

A hydraulic clamp, which prevents the arms of the wheel moving while .., is remove

22, axle

Section 3 reducing the effects of climate change

Lead to a global dimming proponents : người ủng hộ

Faith : long tin


READING SKILL Cambridge 11 test 2



Secion1: Raising the Mary Rose : ten 1 thuyền chiến


  1. There are some doubts about what caused the Mary Rose to sink.

12, hull is lowered into ….

+ is lowered = transferred underwater

13. …. Used as extra protection for the hull

+ extra protection = additional cushioning =

  1. Accounts of what happened to the ship vary. : while witnesses agree that she was not hit by the French, some maintain that she was outdated, overladen and sailing too low in the water.

12, cradle

The hull was lifted( nang len )completely clear of the seabed and transferred underwater into lifting cradle

13 air bags

And was fitted with air bags to provide additional cushioning for the hull’s delicate timber framework

Section 2: what destroyed the civilization of Easter Island ?

Civilization: nen van minh

14 , an undisputed answer to a question about the moai

Undisputed : khong tranh chap

16, how the statues (tượng )made a situation worse

+ statues = the moai

+ a situation worse= accelerated the self destruction ; tự tiêu hủy

14, The identify off the moai builders was in doubt until….

Modern science –linguistic, archaeological and genetic evidence – has definitively proved the moai builders

16, the moai, he thinks accelerated the self – destruction

Section 3 : neuroaesthetics: khoa thần kinh

+meticulously = tỉ mỉ = carefully

+ complexity = intricacy

+ images = motifs= họa tiết

Actual test 30.

  1. Self-fulfillment : tự mãn

  2. Endure = chịu được= tolerate

  3. Effectiveness : sự hiệu quả

  4. Brain cells ; tế bào não

  5. Deteriorate : suy thoái

  6. Upgrade = nâng cấp= improve= increase

  7. Competence = thẩm quyền

  8. Alleviate= handle

  9. Birth rate = reproduction = sinh sản

  10. Demise = chết

  11. Starvation = sự thiếu ăn

  12. Time consuming = tốn tg

  13. Inadequate = lack

  14. Prized = precious

  15. Lack= deficiency

  16. Extinction = nguy cơ tuyệt chủng

  17. Potency = strength

  18. Throw = disposal

  19. Disposing = handle

Simulation test

1, tenant người thuê nhà

Tramping = đi bộ

Clumsy person = người hậu đậu

Disaster= thiên tai

Recklessly= thiên tâi

More= surpass

A string of films = chuỗi phim

Gimmick = quảng cáo

Antibody= kháng thể

Component= ingredients

Fever= cơn sốt

Tertiary level = bậc đại học

Preservation = chất bảo quản

Fail = decimating

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