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B. grammar :

I. Gerund : ( V-ing ) : Danh động từ được dùng như ___________________

1. Làm _________________: Ex: Reading books can help broaden your knowledge .

2. Sau _________________ : Ex: My hobby is cycling .

3. Sau _________________: Ex: Lan is good at cooking

4. Sau 1 số động từ : avoid, mind, dislike, risk, keep, mention, enjoy,postpone, be worth , be busy …..

II. Present Participle : ( V-ing ) :Hiện tại phân từ được dùng như ________________.

  1. Dùng trong thì _____________: Ex: The children are playing in the yard now .

  2. Dùng như ________________ để bổ nghĩa danh từ. Ex: She wrote many interesting books .

  3. Rút gọn ___________( S1= S2 ) : Ex: She says goodbye and she leaves the room

Saying goodbye and she leaves the room .

  1. Dùng tỉnh lược mđqh : Ex: The woman who answered my phone call was very polite .

The woman answering my phone call was very polite .

  1. Sau 1 số động từ :

  • See, hear, feel, smell, notice, watch, catch , find, leave, spend, waste + O + V-ing

Ex1: Did you hear the alarm clock ringing ?

Ex2: She caught her boy friend reading her diary .

  • Be busy , go + Ving ( go fishing /sailing/ camping/ hiking / jogging/ skiing / shopping/ swimming )

Ex: Kate goes shopping once a week.

III. Perfect gerund and perfect participle : Having + V3/ed

1. Sau __________________ : Ex:The man denied ___________________(rob ) the bank .

2. Sau _______( ý tưởng ở quá khứ/ QKHT): Ex: My father congratulated me on __________( pass ) the exam

3. Hàm ý rút gọn thì ________________: Ex: I had eaten breakfast, I went to school .

-> ______________breakfast, I went to school .

I.Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest :

1A. war B. work C. world D. whom

2A. use B. umbrella C. under D. ulter

3A. winter B. answer C. award D. towards

4A. lawn B. allow C. drawing D. swimming

5A. student B. education C. united D. truck

6A. sword B. sweat C. swing D. swallow

7A. mow B. know C. dawn D. window

8A. summer B. club C. computer D. but

9A. suffer B. unhappy C. cup D. uniform

10A. who B. where C. when D. why

II. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest :

1A. volunteer B. hospital C. orphange D. mountainous

2A. museum B. interest C. handicapped D. difficult

3A. participate B. organize C. voluntary D. usually

4A. problem B. enough C. listen D. summer

5A. example B. happiness C. advantage D. disaster

6A. student B. baseball C. suffer D. remote

7A. understand B. happiness C. orphanage D. faithfully

8A. problem B. organize C. mountain D. enough

9A. voluntary B. believable C. advantage D. vacation

10A. enjoy B. nation C. many D. nature

III. Give the correct form of words:

1 She does some ________ work at the orphanage ( volunteer )

2. I hope there won’t too much __________________in getting a work permit ( difficult )

3. Staying here is __________________. I’m feeling sick ( comfort )

4. We finished the work, but only with great ____________________( difficult )

5. Their grandchildren are a constant source of __________________( happy )

6. There is a general _________________ that thing will soon get better ( believe )

7. One major _______________of the area is the lack of public transport ( advantage )

8. The __________________ resource is necessary for our life ( nature )

9. There are many places of _______________ to visit in London (interest )

10. Several world __________________ have come to help poor people and orphans ( organize )

11. It was only later in life that she found _________________and peace of mind ( happy )

12. How many ____________ are there in the world ? ( nation )

13. What’s your _____________ song ? ( nation )

14. English is a /an _________________language in the world ( nation )

15. What’s your ___________________? I’m America ( nation )

    1. IV.Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in brackets:

  1. Don’t keep him _________________( stand ) at the gate!

  2. There was no way of __________________ ( get ) over the obstacle

  3. He made me _________________( repeat ) every word of his instructions .

  4. Sonia often wastes her time _____________( chat ) with her friends.

  5. Would you like to go _________________( sail ) with me this weekend ?

  6. He offered ______________( give ) a lift in his new car.

  7. She had to spend so much time ________________( look ) after the baby that she hardly ever went out .

  8. The man _____________( talk ) to our teacher is a reporter

  9. Anita is very busy _______________( write ) her annuall report, so she can’t go out with us .

  10. Wang advised me ______________( sell ) my old motorbike .

  11. _________( grow ) crops on the sme land from year to year prevents the land fromm _________( be ) sterile

  12. He objects to _____________( smoke ) in his room .

  13. Alice is interested in ________________( draw ) pictures .

  14. A good way of ________________( loose ) weight is _______________( job ) everyday .

  15. Would you mind ______________( move ) your bicycle

  16. I don’t enjoy _______________( go ) to the dentist .

  17. He spent hours _______________( try ) to repair his car .

  18. I’ve never heard Ton _______________( swear )

  19. Can you smell something ____________( burn ) ?

  20. When I was in the supermarket , I noticed a man ___________( take ) some food off the shelf.

V.Choose the best answer :

  1. I suppose you also deny _______________ with Tom in your office.

A. meeting B. of having met C. to have met D. having met

2. ________, he went into his office to fill in the daily time sheet .

A. Before leavingB. Before he had left C. Before having left D. When he’s leaving

3. I’m used to __________ with the window open .

A. sleep B. sleeping C. having slept D. slept

4. I look forward to _________ home next month .

A. go B. have gone C. going D. having gone

5. They object __________ their plans at this late date .

A. to change B. to have changed C. to changing D. of changing

6. Martin denied __________ the accused man on the day of the crime .

A. to see B. of having seen C. to have seen D. having seen

7. She often thinks carefully ________any questions.

A. before answering B. before having answered C. by answering D. having answering .

8__________ from the horseback, he was taken to hospital and had an operation

A. When falling B As he was fallen C. After having fallen D. To fall

9. They all denied __________her .

A. to see B. of seeing C. having ever seen D. ever having seen

10 Tom was accused of _________ some top secret documents.

A. steal B. having stolen C. stealing D. have stolen

11. But after _______it over , I decided to laugh at myself.

A. having thought B. I have thought C. I thought D. to have thought

12. ________ hungry , he went into the kitchen

A. Feel B. To feel C. Feeling D. To have felt

13. My boss spends two hours a day ______to work

A. travel B. travelling C. to travel D. travelled

14. _______is my favourite sport.

A. Swim B. TO swim C. Swimming D. Swam

15. I’m tired of _______8 hours a day .

A. work B. to work C. worked D. working

16. I enjoy ____ football .

A. play B. to play C. playing D. played

17. Did she _______ to the cinema last night ?

A. go B. to go C. went D. going

18. It’s no good _____to him, he never answers letters .

A. write B. to write C. writing D. wrote

19. She lets her children ________out .

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

20. There was no way of _____ out of the building except by _____ down a rope .

A. get- climbing B. to get- to climb C. getting- climbing D. getting – climb


  1. compete (v)

  • competition (n)

  • competitor (n)

  • competitive (a)

  1. represent (v)

  • representative (a)

  1. annual (a)

  2. organize (v)

=> organization (n)

5. stimulate (v)

=> stimulation (n)

=> stimulating (a)

=> stimulator (n)

=> stimulative (a)

6. sponsor (v,n)

7. observe (v)

8. judge (n)

9. score (v,n)

10. difficult (a)

=> difficultly (adv)

=> difficulty (n)

11. able (a) # unable (a)

=> ability (n)

=> be able to

12. disappoint (v)

=> disappointed (a)

=> disappointing (a)

=> disappointment (n)

13. announce (v)

14. award ST to SO (v)

15. smooth (a)

=> smoothly (adv)

=> smoothness (n)

16. be up = be no more left

17. apologise ( to SO for + V-ing)

18. important (a)

=> importantly (adv)

=> importance (n)

19. participate (v)

=> participation (n)

=> participant (n) = participator (n)

20. enjoy(v)

=> enjoyment (n)

=> enjoyable (a)

21. achieve (v)

=> achievement (n)

=> achievable (a)

22. know (v)

=> knowledge (n)

=> knowledgeable (a)

=> knowledgeably (adv)

23. create (v)

=> creative (a)

=> creation (n)

24. excite (v)

=> excited (a)

=> exciting (a)

=> excitement (n)

25. take part in = participate in:

26. find out

27. talk about:

28. provide SO with ST

ST for SO

29. take care of:

30. clean up

31. prepare for

32. apologise for:


1.Thank you ( very much ) / It was nice of you… -> Thank SO for …….: cảm ơn ai về ……

Ex: “Thank you very much for telling me the way,” she said -> She thanked me for telling her the way

2.I’m sorry -> apologise SO for ….: xin lỗi ai về……

Ex: “I’m sorry I’m late,” Tom said -> Tom apologised for being late

4.accuse SO of …….: buộc tội ai về ……

Ex: “ You stole my watch ,” the man said to the boy -> The man accused the boy of stealing his watch

5.congratulate SO on : chúc mừng ai về

Ex:“Well done, Brian,you have passed the exam!” said his father -> Brian’s father congratulated him on passing the exam

6.warn SO against …..:cảnh báo ai về…..

Ex: “ Don’t play ball near the restricted area,” I said to the boy ->I warned the boy against playing ball near _____

7.prevent / stop SO / ST from …..: ngăn ngừa ai / cái gì từ

Ex: “Stay here! I can’t let you go out tonight,”her mother said to her -> Her mother prevented her from going out at night .

8.What about …..How about ….Why don’t you ….Why not …..-> suggest + ( SO )+ V-ing :đề nghị

Ex: “ Why don’t you send her some flowers ?”he said ->He suggested me sending her some letters

9.Let’s / Let’s not -> suggest + V-ing / not + V-ing

Ex: “ Let’s meet outside the cinema,”he said -> He suggested meeting outside the cinema

10.Shall we / It’s a good idea -> suggest + V-ing

Ex: “ It’s a good idea to send her some flowers,” he said -> He suggested sending her some flowers

11.think of : nghĩ về ai

EX: “ The house is very nice ! I’ll certainly buy it,” John said ->John thought of buying the house

12.insist / certainly -> insist on / upon ………….: khăng khăng đòi ….

Ex: “ I really must see the manager in person,”the man insisted -> The man insisted on seing the manager in person

13.dream of …………..: mơ về ……

Ex: Daisy said , “ I want to become a famous singer”->Daisy dreamed of being a famous singer.

14.look forward to …..:trông chờ , mong đợi ….

Ex: “ I’m excited about meeting my new friends”Mary said-> Mary looked forward to meeting her new friends

15.deny : từ chối

Ex: Peter said, “ I didn’t steal the painting.It is not me”->Peter denied stealing the painting.

16.admit :thừa nhận

Ex: “ I’m afraid I’ve lost your letter,” Kevin told me ->Kevin admitted losing / having lost my letter

I.Give the correct of form :

1.How many _______________are there in the competition ? ( participate )

2.She felt __________________when she got the result ( disappoint )

3.The transition from school to the work doesn’t happen ________________ to everyone ( smooth )

4.Universities are very __________________for the best students ( compete )

5.You should study English hard because of its _________________( important )

6.Her _________________is also my happiness ( enjoy )

7.She’s unemployed, she always does the housework __________________( disappoint )

8.______________, knowledge at high school is necessary for our life ( important )

9.Can you _____________in this club ? ( participate )

10.She ______________the meal very much ( enjoy )

11.The _______________ of our class will represent for the whole school to take part in that meeting ( represent )

12.The Prime Minister wants to know all the ___________ who competed in the international ________( compete)

13.His father’s _______________in his first performance made him completely happy ( participate )

14.We have an __________meeting ( annually )

15. They have just ___________ their work ( complete )

II ) Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest :

1A.performance B.reciting C.important D.annual

2A.final B.spirit C.among D.sponsor

3A.among B.explain C.announce D.sentence

4A.society B.participate C.activity D.competition

5A.apologize B.disappointed C.activity D.enthusiasm

6A.complete B.member C.result D.explain

7A.total B.question C.poem D.observe

8A.competition B.difficulty C.representative D.entertainment

9A.minute B.worksheet C.within D.behalf

10A. advance B.sponsor C.announce D.award

III ) Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest :

1A. competition B.competitor C.contest D.question

2A.two B.twenty C.twist D.twice

3A.smoothly B.three C.enthusiasm D.think

4A.twice B.two C.growing D.draw

5A.organize B.establish C.decide D.advise

6A.bright B.ironing C.drive D.promise

7A.who B.wise C.where D.swimmer

8A.climbing B.blouse C.bright D.billion

9A.trouble B.tropical C.trousers D.drawer

10A.twin B.twenty C.twice D.stream
IV. Rewrite the following sentences:

  1. “ You stole Tim’s watch, didn’t you, John?”

=> Tim’s mother accused__________________________________________________.

  1. “ Don’t drive so fast on this road” I said to Lan.

=> I warned Lan against __________________________________________________.

  1. “ I would like to be a good teacher” Mary said.

=> Mary dreamed of_____________________________________________________.

  1. “ You didn’t learn by heart vocabulary” Lan said to Tom.

=> Lan accused Tom of___________________________________________________.

  1. “ You mustn’t drink too much beer.”

=> His mother warned him against ____________________________________________.

  1. “ I’m sorry I couldn’t come on Sunday,” David said to Mary.

=> David apologized ____________ for______________________________________.

  1. “ I’m very grateful to you for your help, Mr Smith.”

=> Lan thanked _________________ for ____________________________________.

  1. “ Why don’t we go swimming tomorrow?” I said.

=> I suggested _________________________________________________________.

  1. “ It’s true. I took her car”

=> He admitted_________________________________________________________.

  1. “ You have just got the promotion, haven’t you? Congratulation!”

=> Lan congratulated me on_______________________________________________.

  1. “ You mustn’t get into here”

=> The policeman stopped________________________________________________.

  1. “ Me? No, I didn’t take Sue’s calculator,” said Bob.

=> Bob denied_________________________________________________________.

  1. “ The house is very nice! I’ll certainly buy it.”

Both Lan and Hoa were thinking of________________________________________.

  1. “ Please give me some money, Mum”

=> Daisy insisted on____________________________________________________.

15. “ Those students cheated in the exam,” the teacher said

=> The teacher accused of_______________________________________________.

16. “ I’m happy you have passed the final exams. Congratulations!”. Jim said to me.

=> Jim congratulated me________________________________________________.

17. “ Why don’t we go back to Singapore?” I said.

=> I suggested________________________________________________________.

18. “ I’m sorry I didn’t phone you earlier,” Margaret said to you.

=> Margaret apologized________________________________________________.

19. “ You didn’t do what I said,” the mother said her son.

=> The mother accused _________________________________________________.

20. “ Don’t play with the matches!” I said to Jack.

=> I warned __________________________________________________________.



A. Conditional sentences: ( Câu điều kiện)

1. Conditional type 1: (Câu điều kiện loại 1) là ____________________________________________________

Ex: I will have free time, so I will help you.

=> If

2. Conditional type 2: ( Câu điều kiện loại 2) là ___________________________________________________

Ex1: I don’t have free time, so I can’t go to your party.

=> If

Ex2: Because you don’t leave immediately, I call a policeman.

=> If

3. Conditional type 3: ( Câu điều kiện loại 3) là _____________________________________________________

Ex: He didn’t study hard, so he failed his exam.

=> If
* Cách chuyển sang câu điều kiện:

- Xác định thì của động từ:

+ Nếu động từ ở thì tương lai =>

+ Nếu động từ ở thì hiện tại =>

+ Nếu động từ ở thì quá khứ =>

+ Nếu câu có “ because” => lấy mệnh đề _________ “ because” làm _______________________.

+ Nếu câu có “ so”, “That’s why” => lấy mệnh đề__________ “so” làm_______________________.

+ Đổi hình thức khẳng định sang phủ định hoặc ngược lại

+ Bỏ các liên từ nối (_________________)

* Note:

- “ Unless = If …not” ( nếu …không, trừ phi)

Ex1: If you don’t study hard, you’ll fail in the exam.

=> Unless

Ex2: If she doesn’t water these trees, they will die.

=> Unless
=> Mệnh đề sau “ unless” là mệnh đề ở thể khẳng định => do đó khi đổi một câu điều kiện với từ nối “IF” sang “ UNLESS” nhớ lưu ý trường hợp mệnh đề “IF” ở thể khẳng định không được đổi sang thể phủ dịnh khi dùng “ UNLESS” mà phải đổi mẹnh đề chính sang thể ngược lại.
Ex1: If I have time, I’ll help you.=> Unless

Ex2: If we had more rain, our crops would grow faster. => Unless

=> Form:

III . Choose the best answer :

1.I would never have believed _______ it with my own eyes.

A.if I didn’t see B.if I hadn’t seen C.if I haven’t seen D.if I wouldn’t have seen

2.Don’t worry ________ home late tonight.

A.when I’ll B.If I’ll be C.unless I’ll be D.if I’m

3.If I ________ the flu, I would have joined you for the trip.

A.hadn’t had B.haven’t had C.didn’t have D.had had

4.Jeff wouldn’t have bumped into the waitress if he _______ in such a hurry.

A.weren’t B. hasn’t been C.hadn’t been D.wouldn’t have been

5.If you ________Mary by chance, please give her my phone number .

A.met B.meet C.could meet D.will meet

6.I think she would forgive you if you _______ to speak to her .

A.are trying B.would try C.tried D.have tried

7. I wouldn’t have to take this course if my English _______ better.

A.were Bhad been C.would be D.would have been

8.If we hadn’t got lost , we _______ arrived much earlier .

A.had B.would be C.might be D.could have

9.If I _______Japanese was so difficult , I wouldn’t have taken it up.

A.knew B.had known C.would have known D.might have known

10. If it ________ warm yesterday, we would have gone to the beach.

A. was B. were C. had been D. could be

11. _________ that problem with the car, we wouldn’t have missed the speech.

A. If we had had B. If had we had C. C.Unless we had had D. Provided that we had had

12. If I were a little taller, I _________ be able to water the plant on the top shelf.

A. did B. would C. had D. would have

13. If you hear from Susan today, _______ her to ring me.

A. tell B. to tell C. telling D. will tell

14. If the traffic ______ bad, I may get home late.

A. is B. were C. was D. had been

15. If I _____ it was a formal party, I wouldn’t have gone wearing jeans and a jumper.

A. knew B. had known C. have been knowing D. could know

16. I would appreciate it _______ what I have told you a secret.

A. you can keep B. that you keep C. you will keep D. if you kept

17. I ________ to see you tomorrow unless I _____ late at the office.

A. will come / keep B. am coming / will keep

C. will come / am kept D. would come / was kept

18. If he’d patented his invention , he _______ a lot of money

A.has made B.would have made C.would be made D.had made

II .Put the verbs into the correct forms of conditional sentences :

  1. If she _______ to school, she can broaden her knowledge ( go )

  2. He will join the sport club if he __________ time ( have )

  3. Close the door if it __________ ( rain )

  4. If she _______ the truth, I think she’d never want to see you again ( know )

  5. If the World War hadn’t happened, millions of people ___________( not, die )

  6. I _______to give you a lift if I had my car here ( offer )

  7. Where ______________ If you could live anywhere in the world ?( you , choose )

  8. She will get good marks. If she _______, she _______the next class ( get- move )

  9. Tom isn’t at home now .If he _______( be ) at home now, I __________ (visit ) him

  10. Lan failed the test because she didn’t study. If she ( study )__________,she ( pass ) ______it

  11. I got wet because I didn’t take my umbrella. I (not, get ) _________if I ( remember ) ___________to take my umbrella with me yesterday.

  12. If I ( be )_________ you, I ( not , choose ) ___________ that job.

  13. What __________( happen ) if there ( not, be)____________ gravity.

  14. George has only two pairs of socks.If he ( have ) _________more than two pairs of socks, he ( have to, not) __________wash his socks so often.

  15. ( your parents, not , be ) ____________proud if they could see you now ?

III. Put the statements in conditional sentences :

  1. Keep quiet or I’ll scream -> If _________________________________________

-> Unless ____________________________________________________________

2. We didn’t have enough rain, so we could not grow rice .

-> If ___________________________________________________________________

-> Unless_______________________________________________________________

3. His parents were so late so they missed the train.

-> If ___________________________________________________________________

-> Unless_________________________________________________________________

4. Today isn’t Sunday . The pupils can’t go swimming

-> If ____________________________________________________________________

-> Unless ________________________________________________________________

5.We haven’t got a big house.We can’t invite friends to stay

-> If_____________________________________________________________________

-> Unless_________________________________________________________________

6.I’ll phone you next week, I will phone you .

-> If _____________________________________________________________________

-> Unless_________________________________________________________________

7.It’s very cold so we can’t go out

-> If _____________________________________________________________________

-> Unless_________________________________________________________________

8. They were able to buy the new house because their parents lent them the money

-> If _____________________________________________________________________

-> Unless_________________________________________________________________

9. Your pain would have disappeared if you had taken an aspirin.

-> Unless_________________________________________________________________

10.I didn’t finish my report yesterday , so I can’t begin a new project today.

-> If _____________________________________________________________________

-> Unless_________________________________________________________________

11.It is raining so we won’t finish the game .-> If ________________________________

IV Choose the underlined part in each sentense ( A, B, C or D ) that needs correcting

1.What do you do if you won the first prize of the lottery?


2.Would people be able to fly if they have feathers instead of hair ?


3.If a drop of oil is placed in a glass of water, it would float to the top


4.If Peter had been more careful, he wouldn’t break the camera I lent him

5.Roger wouldn’t have made such a lot of mistakes if he hasn’t been so tired


6. How nice it would be for our parents if we could built the house


7.He wouldn’t have able to pass the test if his English hadn’t been good enough


8.If she had send a telegram, we would have received it by now


9.I would have called you if I could have known your number


10.Had I known you were in hospital, I had come to visit you.


11*. If you knew anything about the accident , you’d better call the police


12*.Ice always melts if the air temperature was warm enough


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