Exercises technology Exercise 1

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Exercise 1: Hãy hoàn thành các câu điều kiện sau:

Vocabulary Note

- go out of business

- international company

- international travel

- communicate successful

- via Internet

1. The restaurant __________ (not go) out of business if that international burger company __________ (not open) last year.

2. If teenagers __________ (buy) technology, they usually __________ (want) the same products as all their friends

3. As long as international travel _________ (continue), people __________ (stay) closely connected.

4. We __________ (not communicate) so successfully nowadays if technology __________ (developed) more slowly.

5. If more people __________ (be connected) via the Internet, communication __________ (be) easier.
Exercise 2: Hãy hoàn thành mẩu thông tin sau với những động từ cho sẵn (với dạng thích hợp)

1. I’ve got an email from Mick! If you don’t want to read it one the screen, I ______ it ______!

Vocabulary Note

- talk to someone on the phone

- go into a tunnel

- enter the room

2. I was talking to Matt on the phone when I was on my way to Dublin. If the rain hadn’t gone into a tunnel, we _______.

3. If you _______ this form, we will send the money for you.

4. If only today was Friday, my favorite magazine, Teen Scence, _______.

5. John was talking on the phone with his mother. If Len hadn’t entred the room, he _______.

6. I can’t check the information on our company’s website. If I remembered my passoword, I __________ my account.

7. ‘I’m afraid Mr.Brown isn’t here. He will be back soon’ – ‘Alright. If I still need his help, I _______ in about an hour.’

8. Last night, if Tom hadn’t had to chat with me on Facebook, he ______ earlier!

Exercise 3: Hãy hoàn thành các câu sau với loại từ đúng

1. My _________ is that one day all phone calls will be free. PREDICT

2. Politicians often have a _________ with them when they go to other countries. TRANSLATE

3. I would hate to give a _________ in front of hundreds of people! SPEAK

4. Who knows what means of _________ will be invented in the future? COMMNUNICATE

5. There’s something wrong with my _________ to the Internet, so I can’t send and receive e-mails. CONNECT

6. The mobile phone has _________ made life a lot easier. CERTAIN
Exercise 4: Hãy nghe đoạn hội thoại và hoàn thành đoạn hội thoại sau

Vocabulary Note

- politicians

- make life easier

- different understanding

- national pride

- sporting competitions

- ruin the world

- a more equal place

Examiner: How do you think globalization might change the world in the future?

Student: I think that if globalization 1_____to develop young people of the future 2 ___ ___ a different understanding of things life nationality and 3 _____.
Examiner: Has globalization caused young people to care less about their countries?

Student: I don’t think so. If globalization 4 ___ ___ young people to care less about their countries, we 5 ___ ___ so much national pride in sporting competitions like the Olympics or the World Cup.
Examiner: What would you say to someone who thinks that globalization is ruining the world?

Student: I would say that they should be more 6 _____. If globalization 7 ___ ___, we 8 ___ ___ so many opportunities for work or travel and we 9 ___ ___ able to buy so many different products.
Examiner: Can globalization make the world a more equal place?

Student: I think this depends on what you mean by equal. If people in a country 10 _____the same opportunities in life, then globalization 11 _____ good and 12 ___ ___ the word but this is not always what happens.
Exercise 5: Write a paragraph to express your opinion on this question:

What are the advantages and disadvantages would we have if one day internet didn’t exist?


Conditional – Technology

Exercise 1:

  1. would not have gone – had not opened

  2. buy – will want

  3. continues – will stay

  4. would not – had developed (dạng câu điều kiện tổng hợp: chúng ta sẽ không thể giao tiếp thật thuận tiện như ngày hôm nay nếu như trước đó công nghệ không phát triển)

  5. are connected – will be

Exercise 2:

  1. will print out

  2. would not have been cut off

  3. fill in

  4. would come out

  5. would not have hung up

  6. would log on

  7. will call back

  8. would have logged off

Exercise 3:

  1. prediction (đứng sau tính từ sở hữu ‘my’)

  2. translator (các chính trị gia thường có một phiên dịch viên theo họ khi học đến những đất nước khác)

  3. speech (mình sẽ rất ghét việc phải có một bài nói ở trước hang trăm con người!)

  4. communication (đứng sau giới từ ‘of’ – ai bước được rằng sau này phương tiện giao tiếp nào rồi sẽ được sáng chế ra?)

  5. connection (đứng sau tính từ sở hữu ‘my’)

  6. certainly (đứng trước động từ ở quá khứ ‘made’)

Exercise 4:

  1. continues

  2. will have

  3. culture

  4. had caused

  5. wouldn’t see

  6. positive

  1. didn’t exist

  2. wouldn’t have

  3. wouldn’t be

  4. have

  5. is

  6. can help

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