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  1. If foreigners come to Vietnam and ask you about Vietnamese culture, what are three things you should tell them?

  2. What are some do’s and don’t for table manners in your country / city / hometown?


1: Ao Dai- Eating by chopstick- Eat rice- Lucky Money and wish each other well

2: Don’t play with chopstick- Have a good meal- Eat by both your hand- Let older eat first.


  1. What are some things people can do to keep healthy? Can you tell me some ways you know that you can personally keep yourself healthy?

  2. You are a receptionist of Doctor Alan’s office. The examiner is a patient who phones to make an appointment with the doctor. Answer the phone. You should:
    -Ask to know the name, phone number of the patient.
    -Ask what the problem is.
    -Show your understanding to the patient’s health problem.
    -Arrange the date and time of the appointment.

  3. What do you know about these types of medical treatments? Choose 2 and talk about them.
    - Conventional medicine
    - Homeopathy
    - Herbal therapy
    - Acupuncture
    - Spiritual healing
    Which one do you like best? Explain.

4. When you are ill, what medical treatment do you often use? Explain.

1: drink more than 2 liter/ day- Eat fruit and vegetable- Sleep 6-8h/day- do exercise.

4: When I’m ill, I choose Conventional medicine because it will treat me faster and don’t be worry so much. Now, it is the best way for everyone.


  1. This weekend is your best friend’s birthday and you want to give him/ her a special gift, it is his/ her picture. Now you’d like to have the picture framed. The examiner provides that service. Go to his/ her shop and ask for the service.
    - You want to have it framed by Friday.
    - If the service provider says it’s difficult, tell him/ her why you need it so urgent.
    - Ask the price.
    - Ask if you need to leave a deposit and how much.
    - Show your appreciation.

  1. Are you a procrastinator or an organized and self-motivated person? Explain. Do you think being a procrastinator is not good? Explain.

2: I’m an organized because I always prepare and think about some things before I do it. Yes. Because they always delay.


  1. There is an opinion that nowadays, reading on computer and internet is so popular that we do not need books anymore. Do you agree or not? Give reasons and examples to support your opinion.

1: I disagree because I like book, it is a part of history. Easy to focus. Not good for eyes.

  1. Do you think comics are trash or treasure? Explain your answer.

2: Comics are treasure. They help us to be relax and fun. Easy to understand. Creative. Lear how to draw.

  1. Describe your reading habits. Answer the following questions:
    • Where do you like to do most of your reading?
    • When do you like to read?
    • What books do you like to read? What are types of these books?
    • Who is your favorite author?
    • Tell the ways you enjoy reading.

3: My house- after finish homework- E-book (travel book, novel)- Curl up with book.
4. Describe the benefits of reading books. Give examples or explanation.

4: Get more knowledge- think more logic- Memory Improvement- better writing skills


  1. Tell about a natural disaster you know:
    - Where, when and how long did it take place?
    - The strength of the disaster.
    - What happened?
    - Death toll, number of casualties, survivors, missing and homeless
    - Destruction
    - Any negative effects after the disaster.

  2. Choose an emergency from the list (a flood, a tornado, a typhoon, a famine, a drought, an earthquake, or an epidemic) and talk about how to prepare for that.


  1. Talk about the most effective work habits that promote success and explain why.

1: Confidence. Don’t be afraid when have challenges. Make myself and other people believes that I can do it.

  1. What jobs do you think are just for men or women? Is housewife a job? why?

2: Men ( Pilot )- Women ( Secretary ). NO, because it is responsibility of woman and man. Woman do it better than man. Job is activity for earning income and having purpose or result.


  1. Talk about a holiday or a tradition in your country. (Tet)

2. Describe a traditional wedding in Vietnam.

What do people do to prepare for the wedding?

What do they do during the wedding ceremony and reception?


  1. Talk about one invention in the history that you like best. Explain why you choose it.

1: Wheel because first, it is very useful and easy to make ,it helps heavy things to move easier. Second, It is one of the main part of motorbikes and cars. Final, The wheel is a simple details of technological machines. Ex: a saw toothed-wheel.

  1. What are some benefits of technologies in our lives? Give examples and explanation.

2: useful , your life will be more comfortable and relax, connect with everyone. Don’t need to work hard.


  1. Do you agree that the driving age in Vietnam should be raised to 20 instead of 18? Give reasons and examples to support your answer.

1: I disagree because in 18 years old, you must be responsible for the government law. For example, you can drink, smoke and go out overnight if you are 18 year old. That is why, you can drive car and motorbike.

  1. Are you for or against censorship ( Kiểm duyệt ) of books and movies? Explain your answer.

2: I think that censorship of books and movies is a good idea because it will control books and movies. They will know what the good books and movies for people. They delete the bad movies and book because some terrorists use movie and book to change everyone mind.

3. Think of a problem in your country/city and give the solutions. (traffic jam, pollution,..)

UNIT 10:

  1. Talk about what a tourist to your city or community should visit. Answer the following questions:
    • What places in the city are visited most often by tourists? Hoan Kiem Lake
    • Have you ever guided someone around your city? No, this is my first time
    • What is your city known for? Old town, street food, walking street and night market
    • What are the interesting things to see in your city? On weekend, cleaning their gatehouse
    • What are the interesting things to do in your city? Walking on street and eat many kind of food.

2. Choose one tourist destination in Vietnam and give a 3-minute talk about it.

- Where is it? How far is it from Ho Chi Minh city?

- Is there anything worth seeing there?
- What can tourists do there?
- What are some specialties?
- Are there any possible risks?

MỘT SỐ MẪU CÂU HỮU ÍCH KHI NÓI VÀ VIẾT ^^ – It’s not without reason → Không phải vô cớ… – To the joy of… → Trước sự vui mừng của… To the surprise of… → Trước sự ngạc nhiên của … – I don’t exclude the possibility that… → Tôi không loại trừ khả năng… – Believe it or not → Tin hay không thì tùy – No doubt … → Không nghi ngờ gì nữa… Obviously … → Rõ ràng rằng… – There is nothing surprising about/ in… → Chẳng có gì đáng ngạc nhiên … – To be fair = fairly speaking → Công bằng mà nói … To be honest = honestly speaking → Thật thà mà nói … To be strict = strictly speaking → Nghiêm khắc mà nói … – And yet …→ Ấy vậy mà… – To some extent → Xét trong một chừng mực nào đó. Eg: I can help you understand this to some extent. – It should be said → Phải nói rằng … – It should be admitted → Phải thừa nhận rằng… – It is reported/said … → Được biết – Everything can be said… → Nói gì thì nói … – What is good / not good of …→ Cái hay / dở của… – After all … → Rốt cục… – More than ever before → Hơn bao giờ hết… More than anyone else → Hơn ai hết …. – To take the initiative to do st → chủ động làm việc gì đó – To take advantage to do st → lợi dụng làm việc gì đó – Just think yourself → bạn thử nghĩ mà xem Just imagine yourself → bạn thử hình dung mà xem – It is likely/unlikely …→ Có khả năng / không có khả năng…


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